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Deciding which VPN is right for you depends on your specific browsing needs. Here,we round up the best tools for different purposes



What’s so good about it:

We’vere commended TunnelBear so often in WebUser that you’re probably tired of hearing about it, but this ursine-themed VPN thoroughly deserves our regular praise.Its simple, friendly interface makes it the perfect choice for VPN novices, and it’s available for multiple platforms, includingWindows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Chrome and opera,with the ability to connect up to five devices at once.

TunnelBear’s Little version
is completely free to use, and its unlimited Giant and Grizzlyoptions are competitively priced,from$5.99 (£4.23)per month (if you pay annually). All TunnelBear’splans offer connection to fast servers in more than 20 countries, use AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data and have a clever feature called GhostBear that lets you bypass VPN blocking. We also like that TunnelBear
responded toVPN privacy concerns by conducting a public security audit and fixing the detected “low-risk vulnerabilities”, and that it doesn’t log your activities.

What’s not so good:

TunnelBearLittlelimitsyou to a meagre 500MB of free data per month, which will be rapidly eaten up by streaming and downloading. You can get an extra 1GB by tweeting about the service, but that’s not much help if you don’t use Twitter. Also, unlikesomeVPNs, TunnelBear gives you no indication of its servers’ current speeds, so you can’t see the fastest option available.


Simple,versatile and armed with lots of features, CyberGhost is are liable and speedy
way to stay private and secure, providing instant connection to more than 1,300servers worldwide. It recently dropped its free option in favour of a seven-day free trial, but there’s a current deal that lets you signup with the service for three years at just £2.40 per month.



What’s so good about it: Located in Panama,NordVPN ticks most of the essential VPN boxes. It doesn’t log your activity,is located far from prying Five-Eyes governments (see boxout opposite for details)and offers unique features,such as double encryption. Unusually, NordVPN has two type
[19:05, 10/8/2018] 😀: Youcan connect up to six devices to this vpn account.
the VPN simultaneously, choose from more than 3,050 server locations in 60 countries and bypass the geographical restrictions of popular streaming services,such as accessing US-only content from your Netflix account. NordVPN can be combined withTor for maximum online privacy and was recently updated with a feature called CyberSec that blocks annoying ads, malicious websites and botnets. It also now activates automatically when you connect to Wi-Fi. Available for Windows,M acOS,
Android,iOS,C hrome and Firefox, NordVPN couldn’t be more feature packed if it tried.
What’s not so good: A monthly NordVPN subscription costs $11.95 (£8.45), which is comparatively expensive, though this is reduced to $5.75(£4.06) or $3.29(£2.32)per month if you signup to a one-or two-year plan. The free trial only lasts three days, and it’s a bit of paint set up. Additionally,NordVPN’s connection speed sare variable,but we like that you can choose to prioritise speed or security by deciding between ‘superfast’and extra-secure servers.


ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, has servers in 94 countries and claims to be “the fastest VPN on Earth”. Its host of powerful tools include a speed test and ‘split tunnelling’, which lets you control exactly which traffic is routed through a VPN server.It doesn’t keep logs,but charges a steep $12.95(£9.10) per month.

What’s so good about it: The free version of Windscribe gives you a whopping10GB of bandwidth each month. You need to register your email address with the service to claim this generous allowance–but even if you don’t, you still get2GB of data. Windscribe can be installed on an
unlimited number of desktop and mobile devices, in Chrome, Firefox and Opera, as well as on your router,Amazon Fire TV stick and Kodi box, which makes it
Hide.megives you2GB of free data every month and you don’t need to install any software –
just configure the VPNinyour Windows,Android or ios settings. On the downside, it limits you to three locations (not including the US)and offers only“best effort” speed unless you upgrade to its paid-for version.

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