how to Set the best YouTube video resolution

Set the best YouTube video resolution

YouTube videos are available in several resolutions so you can choose the quality and bandwidth to suit your hardware and internet connection.  However, if you want to change the resolution, you have to wait for until the video starts, then click the cog icon and select the new resolution. A more efficient method is to set a new default using the Automatic4K/HD for YouTube Chrome add-on ( ). Click the toolbar icon and choose a resolution up to 4320p, which is 8K. Any video you play will now use your chosen resolution. You can’t watch video set a higher resolution than your screen is capable of, so if you want to watch in 4K,you’llneeda4K monitor or tv, and you’ll need to watch the videos in full-screen mode. Alternatively, you could set alow automatic resolution if you have a low internet connection or limited data. Firefox users should try the YouTube High Definition add-on(

How to watch 8k ultra HD youtube video resolution on your pc or laptop?


you’ll need to be using Google’s Chrome browser or Internet Explorer to watch the video, Ghost Towns, at its maximum possible resolution. We couldn’t get the 8K resolution to pull up in Firefox. You’ll also want to have a fairly good computer; if you’re struggling to run 4K at a nice, smooth pace, you might want to avoid the slide projector-like feel that 8K will deliver.

And, of course, if you’re just on a 1080p monitor (or smaller), you aren’t likely to notice much of a difference between the already ultra-res 4K and the even-more-ultra-res 8K. You might see some kind of slight difference as a result of all the downsampling that has to occur to stuff a 8K resolution on your 1080p screen, but we somehow doubt you’re going to see a dramatic quality improvement. If you’re on a 4K (or Retina 5K iMac), odds are more likely that you’ll notice a difference between the 4K and 8K shot.

Of course, that’s not to say that every image in said video has been shot at native 8K. First, very few cameras currently exist that can even do that. As 9to5Google notes, Ghost Towns was actually filmed using a RED Epic Dragon 6K in portrait mode. The images were then stitched together or upscaled in Adobe After Effects to get to the final “8K” resolution of 7,680 by 4,320. And upscaling, of course, isn’t “pure” 8K—rather, it’s more of an interpretation on a computer’s part than a native 8K image shot directly with a camera. Either way, it’s going to give your computer a workout.


Google check the screen resolution and then start the video with max 1048p for default. But if you want to see 8k ultra HD on your laptop or personal computer then you have to add extension to enjoy 4k and 8k.well there are very few videos of 8k on youtube but in upcoming time, race of 8k videos increases.

Download extension for best YouTube video resolution in chrome: ( )

Download extension for best YouTube video resolution in firefox :  (

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