What is the correct shutter speed for Panning?

What is the correct shutter speed for Panning?  one question always comes in mind while Panning photography.

shutter speed for Panning

For the less initiated, ‘panning’ refers to the technique of creating sharp (or reasonably sharp) images of fast-moving subjects while showing the backdrop as a streaky blur.

This is generally done by keeping the subject centrally in the frame as the camera moves along (pans) with the subject. The shutter is released when the subject is more or less perpendicular to the axis of the lens. It is important to continue the panning action during the actual exposure.

Since the relative speed difference between the moving subject and the panning camera is nil or next to nil, the subject appears sharp, while the elements in the background, blurs. It is also important, in this case, to have a cluttered background (you cannot ‘pan’ successfully against a plain background).

The shutter speed for panning will depend on how close the subject is to the camera, at what speed the subject is moving, the focal length of the lens, the aperture used and whether you want a realistic photo or a dreamy blur of the subject as well as the background elements.
I suggest you try various shutter speeds for panning  ranging from 1/8 second to 1/60 second. I have successfully panned even at 1/125 and 1/250 second but the subject (a motorcycle) was moving very close to my camera position and was also moving at a very high speed (This can be dangerous to the rider as well as the photographer).

1. Set your camera on manual mode

2. Choose a slow shutter speed

3. Prepare for correct focusing

4. Use a tripod

5. Position yourself right

6. Move along with the subject


What about the ISO and aperture settings for panning?

As you would be using a slow shutter speed, simply set the ISO sensitivity to 100. When you have set the shutter speed and ISO sensitivity on your camera, dedicate the aperture value as per what your camera metering is showing.

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