5 methods to double Wifi speed without changing router

If you are upset with the speed of the slow Wi-Fi router, then our news may come in handy. We are going to tell you about some of the simplest ways that you can change your old Wi-Fi router to double its speed. So you know about these approaches that can come to your big job.

where is your Wi-Fi router

The position of the Wi-Fi router has a great effect on its speed. So it is important to note that where your Wi-Fi router is kept? Many times the WiFi signal does not reach your device correctly by keeping the router on the ground or placing it in front of it. In such a case, the best remedy is to keep it in a higher place. The higher the height of your Wi-Fi router, your device will get the stronger signal.

How far is your Wi-Fi router

Every Wi-Fi router has a limit. If a router covers the range up to 100 meters, then only 30 meters In this case, find out how far your Wi-Fi router can send the signal. double Wifi speed

Why is the blockage coming in Wifi router

The biggest enemy of Wi-Fi signal is Concrete and Metal. For a strong Wi-Fi signal it is important that there is no metal bag in front of your router. Also, avoid router placement in the basement. Wi-Fi signals are weakened to penetrate the walls, so your network Slow works. By removing blockages ,we can double wifi speed

Which direction is right

Wi-Fi router covers 360 degree angle. That is, the router sends an equal signal in every direction. In such a situation, there is no difference between sitting in one direction, but in this case the point of attention is that there is no obstruction in the direction in which the device is your device. it double Wifi speed by putting in right direction.

Repeaters use for double Wifi speed

If your house is big then you need to install a repeater. With the help of repeater, your router starts to cover more space.

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