Arti Singh Called Sidharth Shukla’s Fixed Deposit BiggBoss13

Arti Singh in tears after she’s called ‘Sidharth Shukla’s fixed deposit’. In the latest promo of Bigg Boss 13, Sidharth Shukla was seen saying Asim Riaz and Rashmi group is calling Arti Singh refer as fixed deposit. Read ahead to know more.

Sidharth Shukla angrily says, “Who is my ‘fixed deposit’ here? Fixed deposit is a very dirty word and the way they said it is dirty.” Arti is then seen in tears and telling Bigg Boss that she is affected by such kind of remarks made about her by the other housemates.

She said “Sidharth is my friend. What kind of things are these people saying behind my back? These things affect me, Bigg Boss.”

Arti goes to confront Rashami Desai and asks what is the meaning of being someone’s “fixed deposit” implies and why she called her fixed deposit. When Rashami clarifies that she has never said this, Arti said that the comment was made by her boyfriend Arhaan Khan.

On Arti Singh twitter account, post below message:

“We maybe living in the 21st century but we are still turning people into ‘commodities’. A woman plays the role of a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, guide, etc and yet here we are on national television sadly turning a woman into a commodity calling her a ‘fixed deposit’! They manage homes and yet are working competing in the world as doctors, actors, scientists, lawyers and you ‘name’ it and yet here we are on national television devaluing them. Team Arti Singh wants to know if she is a #FixedDeposit then #WhatAreYou! In your language, why don’t you tell us where you stand in this commodity list! Because well, there is no room for friendship, for emotions and for bonds in the commodity dictionary! #LetsDeconstruct #LetsCommidify,” the post read.

Arti’s sister-in-law Kashmera Shah was angered by the promo and tweeted, “Who the hell is calling @ArtiSingh005 Siddharth’s fixed deposit? Just say this front of me and see what kind of deposits I make you do. Dirty minded people. Don’t cry Arti no one here is worth your tears. Sad sad sad.”

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