Where is the capital of Maharashtra?

Today in this post I will tell you where is the capital of Maharashtra ( Maharashtra ki Rajdhani kya hai) and you will know some interesting things related to the state of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is a unique state of India which is located in the south-central of India. It is done in the rich and capable states, big buildings, buildings are seen here, on the basis of area, Maharashtra is the third largest state of India and on the basis of population, Maharashtra is the second largest state of India.

For your information, let us tell you that there are only 11 such countries in the world whose population is more than Maharashtra. The state of Maharashtra was formed on May 1, 1960, on the demand of Marathi-speaking people, most of the Marathi language is spoken in Maharashtra. The cities include Mumbai, Ahmednagar, Pune, Aurangabad, Ambad, Jalna, Kolhapur, Nashik, Nagpur, Thane, Shirdi, Ahmednagar, Solapur, Akola, Latur, Osmanabad, Amravati, and Nanded.

Many people want to know where is the capital of Maharashtra ( Maharashtra ki Rajdhani Kahan hai).

where is the capital of maharashtra 

The capital of Maharashtra is Mumbai. The name Mumbai is derived from the name of Mumbadevi. The Mumbadevi temple is located in Bhuleshwar, Mumbai. This name is derived from the combination of two words Maharashtra, Maha, and Rashtra, which means great country. Its capital Mumbai is the largest city of Maharashtra and it is also known as the economic capital of the country. Here the city of Pune city is counted among the largest metropolis of India. 

Let us tell you that Pune is the 6th largest city in India. Mumbai city was established in 1507. It is the largest metropolis of India which is present at 19.07 latitude and 72.88 longitudes of India and its sea-level height is 8 meters Old of Mumbai. The name was Bombay, according to the 2018 census, Mumbai was the second most populous city in the country after Delhi and the seventh-largest city in the world.

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is also known as the city of dreams. Millions of people come every day with their dreams. Mumbai is a very expensive city. Food and living here are very expensive. Mumbai is one of the top 10 commercial centers in the world. Most of India is here. Head offices of banks and trading offices and many important economic institutions like Reserve Bank of India, Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, and corporate headquarters of many Indian companies and multinational companies are located in Mumbai.

Some interesting facts related to Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra 

India’s most attractive city Mumbai, which is also known as Maya city, let’s know some interesting information about Maharashtra and its capital Mumbai, which is also known as the city of dreams.

  • Most of the people in Maharashtra speak Marathi and Hindi language, this language is the national language of Goa.
  • The word Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is derived from the origin Mumba Devi.
  • Mumbai was earlier known as Bombay, in 1995 the name Bombay was changed to Mumbai as the name Bombay was kept by foreigners.
  • The name Mumbai is derived from two words Mumba or Maha-Amba – a form of the Hindu goddess Durga, whose name is Mumba Devi – and Aai, meaning “mother” in Marathi.
  • Travel of Mumbai’s local trains, which is the lifeline here, only about 65 lakh people travel by rail in Mumbai alone.
  • Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra, the third largest state of India.
  • The city of Mumbai comes in 35 such cities of the world which come under the mega city, the population of mega city cities is more than 10 million, while the population of Mumbai is more than 15 million.
  •  India’s first airport bridge was built in Mumbai itself, whose name is Suhu Air Road, the first airline in India started from Mumbai itself.
  • Mumbai also has the luxurious Taj Mahal Hotel which was built in 1903 which is India’s first 5 star hotel.
  • The city of Mumbai is famous all over India for its light life, apart from this it is very famous due to the fashion designing and film industry.
  • Kshatrapati International Airport is the third best airport in the world.
  • The first bus service in India was started from Mumbai on 15 July 1926, which ran from Afganchar to Craff Road Market.
  • Mumbai is one of the most populated cities in the world.
  • Mumbai was not a city earlier, it was a group of seven different islands but then after about 60 years a good city was established.
  • The world’s biggest film Indrastij is in Mumbai itself, let us tell you that every year about 1600 films are made in Mumbai, which is more than 500 films in the United States.
  • The blast in Mumbai during the Second World War was one of the horrific explosions in the world.
  • Mumbai has a sea border of about 150 km, in which there are many beautiful places nearby which are worth seeing.
  • India’s most expensive house is in Mumbai itself, this house of Mukesh Ambani which is worth about 70 billion.

tourist places in maharashtra

If you have made up your mind to visit Maharashtra, then let us know about some of the major tourist destinations located in the most expensive city of India, Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra.

Tourist Place NameLocation Name
Gateway of IndiaMumbai, Maharashtra
Juhu BeachMumbai, Maharashtra
Elephanta CavesMumbai, Maharashtra
Marine DriveMumbai, Maharashtra
Haji Ali DargahMumbai, Maharashtra
Hanging Gardens of MumbaiMumbai, Maharashtra
Global Vipassana PagodaMumbai, Maharashtra
Powai LakeMumbai, Maharashtra
Tadoba National ParkMaharashtra


What is the capital of Maharashtra?

The capital of Maharashtra is Mumbai, which is known as Bombay.

How many districts are there in Maharashtra?

There were a total of 26 districts in Maharashtra, after some time there are 10 districts and bigger districts, at present, there is a total of 36 districts in Maharashtra and the largest district here is Ahmednagar, the largest district in population.

What is the population of Maharashtra at present?

Presently the population of Maharashtra is maybe 3.51 crore population.

When was Maharashtra state formed?

Which is the best time to visit Maharashtra?

The best time to visit Maharashtra is between 
November to April as the weather remains favorable during this time.

What is the literal meaning of the word Maharashtra?

The word Maharashtra is made up of two Sanskrit words Maha and Rashtra which means great country.

Who is the present Chief Minister of Maharashtra?

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav thakrey.

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