Coriander Benefits , properties and disadvantages

Green coriander is added to the recipes cooked in everyone’s kitchen in winter. The taste of coriander is also made  food  tasty and spicy .chutney of green coriander is also made. This is how it happens in your home, no matter how else, coriander will make every dishes as juicy and it also provides beauty. The taste of coriander is not only excellent but it is also a medicinal plant which is rich in many properties. By consuming it many diseases can get rid of. It contains proteins, fats, fiber, carbohydrate, mineral etc.Coriander Benefits to all body parts.

In addition, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, thiamine, potassium and vitamin C are also found in green coriander. Let us know that using Coriander should be well cared for that its leaves have been cleaned properly. If there are soil particles in it, then you can catch many diseases.

Let us know how can we get the benefit of using coriander leaves?

Increase digestion

Green Coriander benefits in troubles the stomach, it increases digestion. Mix fresh leaves of coriander in buttermilk and drink it provides relief in indigestion, nausea, dysentery and colitis. By eating green coriander, green chilli, grated coconut and ginger chutney, it provides relief from pain due to indigestion. Having two stomach coriander in half a glass of water in the stomach, it provides relief from stomachache.

Reduces cholesterol

Green coriander contains elements that reduce cholesterol from the body or keep it in control. According to the study, the seeds of coriander have elements to keep cholesterol maintained. If a person is suffering from high cholesterol then he should boil coriander seeds and drink his water.

Beneficial in diabetes

Coriander is also called the destroyer of diabetes as Coriander Benefits. This is a boon for those suffering from diabetes. Regular intake of blood contains insulin content in the blood. Coriander powder reduces the level of sugar by the body and increases the amount of insulin.

Beneficial in kidney problem

Kidney is healthy by eating coriander. Research suggests that kidney problems are not equal to those who use coriander regularly. Therefore, people suffering from kidney problems should definitely use coriander.

Remove anemia

Iron is rich in coriander. Its regular intake helps in removing anaemia. As well as being rich with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins A and C, coriander also prevents cancer.

Raise eyesight

Using green coriander daily in your diet, eyesight starts to increase. Because Vitamin A is rich in green coriander which is very essential for eyes.

Get rid of acne

If you have acne on your face then you can get relief from coriander. Grind coriander leaves for this. Add turmeric powder in a pinch of this paste and put it on the face at least twice a day. This eliminates the problem of acne and also removes the blackheads. Coriander leaves spread away wrinkles. The anti-oxidant is in great quantity, due to which the skin gets scratched. By applying this, there is no stain on the face.

Beneficial to skin

Coriander is also beneficial for skin due to antiseptic and antioxidant properties. It also helps to remove the problems of blackheads as well as the problem of blackheads. For this, mix turmeric powder in the juice of coriander leaves and put it on the face and wash after some time on the face.

Beneficial in various types of irritation

Coriander is beneficial in burning irritation, acidity, irritation of the eyes, urine burns and headache. For this, it is beneficial to take a spoonful of bread after mixing equal quantity of fennel seeds, mishri and coriander seeds after making the powder.

The taste of coriander is not only excellent but it is also a medicinal plant which is rich in many properties.Coriander Benefits for all body parts.

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