CoviSelf Test Kit: Check corona from home, result will come in 15 minutes

CoviSelf Test Kit, What is [CoviSelf, Corona Self Test Kit], How to use, Price, (Price, Online, India, How to Use, Result, Mylab, Buy Online) The havoc of Coronavirus is still roaming in fear among the people. Despite lakhs of tests being done daily and even after imposing lockdown, there is no effect in corona infection. In such a situation, there are some people who do not go out to get their test done or are unable to go even after getting corona infected. Some people do this out of fear and some people are compelled and they cannot go out. Every effort has been made by the government to prevent and control corona infection. But when a person has a corona infection, by the time he comes to know, he has already infected many people. For this reason, the government has found a new way, for which a virus testing kit has been prepared so that you can do your coronavirus test sitting at home. Let us know about the coronavirus testing kit named ‘Coviself‘.

What is CoviSelf Test Kit

A testing kit named CoviSelf issued by ICMR has been issued to check coronavirus at home. With the help of this kit, those people who have symptoms related to corona virus and are afraid to go outside to get tested or are unable to go. It is also beneficial for those people who have an infection and if they go out, because of them, other people are also prone to infection, then they can do their covid test using this insect sitting at home. 

Use Coviself Test Kit 

You must have known by now what is the Kovid test. Now let us tell you that with the help of Coviself, the test is done manually, which you have to do at home. We have told you the details of a small process here below.

  • First of all take out the corona home test kit ‘Coviself’ issued by ICMR and Health Ministry from the packet.
  • The nasal swab that will be in it will have to be inserted into the nostril of the nose by 2 to 4 cm. 
  • After putting it in the nose, it has to be rotated up to 5 times.
  • Then take it out and put it in a pre-filled tube called extraction tube and close the lid of the tube by breaking off the remaining swab. 
  • Press the tube on the test kit and add 2-3 drops one after the other, check the result after 15 minutes. 
  • Check the control section if only c appears on it then result is negative means you are not corona positive. 
  • If the section of the test appears on T, then understand that it means that you are corona positive.

Rest of the complete process related to this kit and its practical video has been told on the packet of Coviself.

Coviself Testing Timings

It does not take much time to use this kit, this whole process is done in hardly 20 to 25 minutes.

Coviself Test Kit Precautions

Coviself Kit can be easily used at home but it is very important to take some precautions while using it.

  • Keep the kit out of reach of children.
  • Do not test in front of children.
  • Without touching the top end of the swab present in the kit, insert it directly into the nose for 2 to 3 cm.
  • It is necessary to swirl that swab five to five times in both the nostrils.
  • After that dip it in the tube and break it from where its breaking point is.
  • Carefully cover the tube and add drop by drop to the test kit. The amount of drops is neither too much nor too little.
  • After testing, destroy that kit completely so that it does not fall into the hands of anyone else there may be a risk of infection. 
  • Be careful not to injure yourself when inserting the swab into the nostril. 
  • If you are testing someone else, before using the kit, understand the process of using it completely.
  • The most important thing is that before using it, you must wear gloves in your hands, especially when you are testing someone else.

CowSelf Test Kit Result

If you do your coronavirus test with utmost care, then that test will be done correctly. And after 15 minutes of doing the test you can see its result. 

coviself test kit icmr guideline

At the time of launch of Corona Test Kit, ICMR has also issued some advisory which is as follows.

  • It has been said by the ICMR that only those people who see symptoms of corona infection in themselves should do this test.
  • If you have recently come across someone who is infected with coronavirus, then they must do their test.
  • ICMR has also said that no person should do his or her coronavirus test without any reason.
  • Whose report will come positive, they will not need to undergo any further test, they can self-isolate themselves at home and treat themselves by following the guidelines issued by ICMR.
  • He has also said that those who feel that their symptoms are of corona infection but still after checking in this kit the result is coming negative, then they will have to take the next step and get RT-PCR done.
  • If the person gets RT-PCR done, then he will have to isolate himself at home until the report of this test comes. 

Whoever is doing the test of coronavirus sitting at home through this kit, it is very important for them to download the application so that your report can be sent to ICMR. 

Download App –

  • ICMR has also issued an advisory that all those who are doing corona test will have to download the application in their mobile.
  • After downloading the application, they will have to take a photograph of the strip on which they have done their test and submit it inside the download app on their mobile. 
  • That photo will be directly stored on the ICMR testing portal through the application.
  • If a person is corona infected after seeing him, then his privacy will be completely maintained.

Coviself Test Kit Rules

If your report comes positive in the home self test, then you have to follow all the guidelines issued by ICMR and Health Ministry carefully. They will have to self-isolate themselves at home and take care of themselves as per the guidelines issued by ICMR. 

It has been told by ICMR that those who self isolate themselves at home will be provided with home isolation kits, which will contain essential medicines for corona infected patients. Other medicines like paracetamol 500 mg tablet will be included in that kit. Along with this, a complete pamphlet of various guidelines as prescribed by the doctor treating cough syrup, multivitamin will also be given, the guidelines of which will have to be followed by any infected person. If the patient feels that his condition is not well and the symptoms are increasing or the health condition is deteriorating, then in such a case he can inform the doctor or ICMR on the application.

coviself test kit eligibility 

The test kit has been made to allow you to take home and check it, but it is also mandatory to follow some rules.

  • If you have gone out somewhere and you think that the person in front was corona positive and you also see some such symptoms, then you can immediately order this kit at home and do your test. 
  • You can use this kit immediately even if you see any symptoms related to corona. 

Coviself Test Kit Price 

The price of the Kovid Self Test Kit issued by ICMR has been kept at Rs 250 at present, which any person can easily buy and do their coronavirus test. 

When will coviself test kit be available in the market  

It has been received by ICMR and Health Department that in the coming few weeks, self-test kits of coronavirus will be delivered to more than 90% of chemist shops. This kit will also be available on online medical stores by next week, which you can order from home and do your coronavirus test. The best thing about this kit is that a safety bag will also come in this kit, which you can use after testing someone. After testing, you can easily eliminate it by putting that kit in a disposable kit. 


What to do if the test result comes negative after Coviself test?

Get RT PCR Test done

What is the price for Coviself test kit available in the market?

250 rupees.

What is included in the Coviself test kit?

A prefilled extraction tube, a nasal swab, a test card and a safety bag.

When do I download the My Lab Coviself app?

When a person comes positive results.

How to tell if the test result is positive?

Click the picture of test result strip and upload to My lab Coviself App.

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