How to create best time lapse videos using android apps

As smartphone cameras are getting better day by day, you are able to do much more in taking Best photos. Earlier we talked about the best animation and stop-motion apps for Android. And as you can guess from the title, today, we’ll take a look at some of the best apps to do time lapse on your Android.  If there is one thing better than videography, it’s the ability to record time-lapse videos. Being able to watch different scenarios being fast-forwarded is a feast for the eyes. In a time-lapse video, the frames are captured at a much lower rate than usual, and when the video is played, time appears to be moving faster. Some smartphones already have the time-lapse feature built-in but if your smartphone does not have this feature, you can install some great time-lapse recording apps that can let you do that. create best time lapse videos using android apps are given below.

create best time lapse videos using android apps

Do you know what time lapse video is? yes or NO? Do check out

A time lapse is basically just a long video sped up into a shorter video, but that’s not the way you should do it. Time lapse apps will record short clips in intervals and stitch them together. The advantage of this method is you don’t have to deal with super long videos with giant file sizes. You will still have to put your phone in one spot for an extended time.

Time Lapse video is simply the opposite thing of slow motion video. That means, a video, which is running faster than regular, is referred to as time lapsed video. You’re able to do something innovative as well as amusing with time lapse feature.create best time lapse videos using android apps easily.

today I am about to bring in some free and paid apps for Android those will let you create time lapse video on Android. You know that the Android marketplace is really large and I am going to opt for only three or four apps to do so.

What You’ll Need to do Time lapse videos

Since you’ll need to keep your phone in an undisturbed spot for a long time, this is a great reason to break out an unused old phone. That way you won’t be without a phone while you’re recording the time lapse. Obviously, you’ll want a phone with a decent camera, but don’t worry about filming in 4K unless you’re super serious.

The first thing you need is a good subject to record. Anything that moves slowly will look great in a time lapse. This could be the movement of clouds, a building being constructed, the sun setting, a busy intersection, etc.

The next thing you need is a stable place to set your phone. A tripod with a phone mount is the obvious choice, but you can literally use anything to prop up your phone.Some apps will allow you to adjust the frame intervals and speed.Best to create time lapse videos using android apps as given below.



Framelapse is the one you should download. With this app, you get a lot of control over the settings. You can change the camera settings like exposure, white balance, timer, and even apply filters to your time-lapse. And for the video, you can define the frame interval, video duration, and the orientation. With the option to let you choose the resolution and the bitrate of the app, Framelapse if one of the easiest time-lapse apps to use in this list. Best to create time lapse videos using android apps using Framelapse .

You can download Framelapse on Android 4.0 at free of cost. However, the free edition has some restriction when the premium version costs only $2.99. Framelaps comes with tons of features such as frame interval, frame rate, both camera support, video resolution adjustment, self-timer, color effects, white balance adjustment, exposure lock and more others.

Users can export recorded video in .mp4 format, which is a standard format and can be played on almost all types of devices. This is also possible to capture video in 480p, 720 and 1080p.

Lapse It

When it comes to shooting time-lapse videos, Lapse It boasts all the features that you can possibly think of. Ranging from manual settings like focus mode, ISO mode, scene mode, and white balance to choosing the interval after which each frame is clicked, Lapse It gives you the complete control. Not only can you shoot time-lapse videos in the app, but also stop motion videos. And once you’ve shot a video, you can change its resolution, codec, frames per second, and even add an audio or an effect before finally rendering it.

Lapse It is probably one of the most famous time lapse camera app in the Play Store. It is one of the few apps that are capable of doing time lapse and stop motion videos and is actually good at it. Best to create time lapse videos using android apps using lapse It.

You can use existing images or videos to make a time lapse of the same which is something I liked. It offers more control over the speed of the video. Some features that previous apps were missing but should have been there like focus, exposure, modes, and white balance are there.

Apart from this, there are a lot of cool options like timestamp, trimming and editing, playing the video backward with the ability to export them in different formats. There is no restriction on the length of the video.

Microsoft Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is the time-lapse app from Microsoft. It has a simple user interface with the options to shoot as well as import videos. If you choose to shoot a new one, you get the option to change the video speed anywhere from 1x to 32x. And if you want to stabilize the video with the audio left intact, you can do that by setting the speed to 1x. Once the time-lapse video has been shot, you can select the resolution (720p or 1080p) and the location where you want to save your time-lapse video. You can even share your masterpiece with others after the rendering is done.

Hyperlapse is a simple little app from Microsoft. It is free to use and comes with no ads whatsoever. The moment you launch the app, you will be asked to begin recording your first time lapse video.Best to create time lapse videos using android apps using Microsoft Hyperlapse.

The app is bug-free and works great but offers a limited number of features. You can adjust speed, choose between different resolutions and stabilize the audio at 1x while the video is recorded in time lapse.

Download Microsoft Hyperlapse (Free)



This is the most stripped down version available in the Play Store. The app made the list because it is free, there are no ads, and is really easy to use. You can set a duration and the recording will stop automatically.

Though it is free and easy to use, it is not without issues. During the tests, I found that the resolution of the time lapse video was not up to mark. There is no way to use the front camera as well. Best to create time lapse videos using android apps using Timelapse.

TimeLapse is a very powerful app for recording time-lapse videos. Like many other apps, TimeLapse offers manual controls like saturation, brightness, contrast, and exposure. In addition to this, you can record 4K videos and save RAW images. This is something no other app in this list offers. Along with the ability to record tilt-shift videos, you get absolutely no time-lapse flicker. And once they are recorded, you can even edit them on a frame level.

Moreover, the 4K recording option is available in the form of an in-app purchase and only. As the ability to record up to 24 hours makes it possible to make a really incredible video if we take advantage of the 4K resolution. However, recording to FullHD should also be fantastic.

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