Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script | Free Download

Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script|Free Download

Hello Dosto!  Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script Download language english,hindi,or Bengali-Diwali Wishing Script 2018 For Blogger Full Script Download,Diwali viral script.

Diwali is a festival of colors,decorating with light and joy, removal of darkness, dessert, worship etc. using a religious, diverse colors.

Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script Download

Happy Diwali Wishing Script

Diwali Wishing Viral Script In Hindi

Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script

Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script

Diwali Wishing Viral Script In English

Diwali Wishing Script In Hindi

Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script

Diwali Wishing Viral Script In Bengali

Diwali Wishing Script In Hindi

Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script
Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script|

Ye Diwali Script ko aap Blogger me use kar  ke aap bhut paise kamya shkte ho.Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script Download


Yah Ek Bahut High Quality Diwali Script hain. Yah Happy Diwali Viral Script Blogger Platform ke Liye Hain. Aap Es Happy Diwali wishing script ko blogger par Install Karke Index Kara Sakte Hain.aur Google pe rank vi kara sahkte hai. Aap Es Script me google Adsence ka ads laga kar aap bahut jayada Earning bhi kar sakte hain

Key Feature:-

  • Happy Diwali viral Script Features:
  • Adsense friendly
  • Very lightweight
  • Whatsapp and Facebook Share Button
  • Optimized for high ads revenue
  • Supports any size ads
  • Name Shareable
  • Easy Installation
  • Super Fast Loading Speed
  • Simple And Secure
  • Easy loading
  • Better Design
  • Change with any Images
  • Whatsapp and Facebook share Button

Requirement of Diwali script

  • Domain name(.tk.qj,.ooo,.com,.in,.net,.org)(use free domain)
  • -Fully approved adsense account
  • -Using booger hosting website
  • -join (min)500 Whatsapp group
  • join (min)500 Facebook group

Note:-Is Diwali viral script ko Aap Blooger hosting website  par hi use kare kyo ki Blogger par ek Time me (2-3 lakhs) Tak Traffic ka load le shkte hai. Jisase apka Diwali Viral script ka Server kabhi Down nhi hoga Aur kabhi Slow vi nhi hoga.Aur Aapka Adsense account Safe rahega .

How to Setup Diwali Viral Scripit In Blogger

  • Step1:-Create account in blooger website
  • Step2:-Choose Domain(Like Diwali.ooo,Diwali.tk)
  • Step:- Redirect Domain To blogger website
  • Step:3-Choose basic Theam
  • Step:4:-Go to Script
  • Step5:-Open Index.html file in Notepad++
  • Step6:- Copy All line of Code
  • Step7:-Paste in Blogger Website Theam

Note:-Apke script me jinte image hai Usko ap upload karne Blogger ke new post par phir ek ek kar kre image ka link open kare aur link ko copy kare ,copy karne ke baad index.html file me use image link ko  image ko replace karna hai.

Adsense Se paise kamaye

Viral script se paise kaise kamaye Iskeliye phale aapko fully approve adsense account  ka use karna hoga advertisement ko publish karne ke liye.Google

Script me Ads kaise lagye(Ads-Setup)

Appoint the script’s index.html  file in Notepad ++, then paste it into your personal code next to “Adsense Code ” to search for it.

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Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script

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Conclude:-Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script Download

What is the Viral Wishing script and Whatsapp Viral? It has been done to clear everything from the point of view and it has been confirmed that you will be able to get the help of this article, and you will be able to use the Diwali Whatsapp Viral Wishing script to download it.

Wish You All Happy Diwali-2018

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