facebook finally adds dislike icon

What happened- facebook finally adds dislike icon?

Facebook is testing away to let users ‘downvote’ posts as facebook finally adds dislike icon, as it struggles to address the backlash about‘fake news’.  Other negative content spreading via
the social network. The site has stressed that it’s not a ‘dislike’ button as such. Instead, it’s a‘downvote’ option that will let users flag comments as
or members’ silly memes yet. If you do see and click “offensive”, “misleading” and “off-topic”.

It’s not the first time Facebook has introduced away for users to express less positive reactions. For a long time , the site famously only let users click ‘like’ on apost– a virtual thumbs-up that felt inappropriate in some cases, such as photos from a memorial or on consciousness-raising posts containing details of a tragedy or disaster.

In response, Facebook last year rolled out a wider range of reactions based on emoji, letting users show anger, sadness, laughter and more.

How will it affect you?

So far, Facebook is only testing the new‘downvote’ option in an asmall number of US cities. Its currently restricted to posts on public pages, so you can’t ‘downvote’ your family

 What do we think?

facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said back in 2015 that he didn’t want to turn the social network into a negative community where we could instantly dismiss other users’ posts. Other sites, such as
Reddit,have long allowed users to push favourite posts up the rankings and downvote others, but Facebook has favoured
owe and more positive, optimistic approach. But disliking something is important information, and having away to capture those ‘votes’ could be useful in the battle against ‘fake news’, online propaganda and other digital scourges. Regardless of whether n,
or not this is the solution it’s high time Facebook

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