FAU-G (फौजी) Mobile Game: Download | OBB File | APK Download | Size | Details

Fauji Game Download:- You all will know that recently, Akshay Kumar has told about a Multiplayer Action Game on his Instagram account named FAU-G.

You all know that since PUBG Mobile is sold in India, many people are searching for another mobile game which is like PUBG.

FAU-G: Fearless And United Guards Mobile Game Download

You all know that there are many people in India whose house was run by PUBG Game and since the game has been sold, many people have been damaged.

PUBG Game has helped a lot in increasing the Indian Gaming Community. At the moment of the announcement of FAU-G Mobile Game after PUBG Game, all the people of India are getting proud that our country is bringing a Multiplayer Action Game.

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Everybody has broken down on the internet that How To Download FAU-G (Fauji) Game On Mobile, so let me tell you that its official release date has not come.

FAU-G MOBILE – Apps on Google Play

Now you are thinking that how to do this game with FAU-G Mobile Game Download and tell me that right now this game is the developing mode, whenever you release this game, you will get to see it on the Google Play Store.

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nCore Games will make FAU-G Mobile Game?

Yes, this game is going to make nCore Games only, now you will have a question in your mind that if we know, then we also tell you that if you saw Akshay’s Instagram post, he had Vishal Gondal Mention in it.

Vishal Gondal wrote: nCore Games is proud to announce our action game Fearless And United: Guards FAU: G

FAU-G Game Size

If it is a game like PUBG, then the size of the Fau-g Game can be from 1.5 GB to 1.9 GB.

How To Install Fauji (FAU-G) Game Details

Ever since the talk of fauji game has come on social media, many questions have been coming in the way of people, such as “fauji game kahan ka hai”, then let me tell you that this game is from India and it will be made in India only.

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