Google Maps new features for traffic for Indians

The navigation app is coming up with a new feature in view of security in Google Maps. Google Maps new features make safe for driving in India. This feature will come to Google Maps under the name Safe Sefer, and the user will get an alert when he goes on the wrong path. In addition to the recommended route on Google Maps, if the taxi driver takes the second route, then the user will receive a security alert immediately. Google Maps is now moving beyond navigation apps to expand its scope. Recently, the company had added three new features to SOS Alert (Panic Button) and public transport in its app. These new updates will be brought to about 66 cities.

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For the alert, the company has set a distance limit i.e. if the car moves 500 meters away from the suggested route, Google Maps will alert it. This feature will prove to be useful not only on taxi but in personal travel even when you are traveling by your car. Google Maps new features make safe and ease in direction while drive.

Only India getting ready to feature

Right now, this feature is undergoing a trial and no official information has been given about how long it will be released. According to Tech World, Google Maps will release this feature first for Indian users. Also, if the taxi driver intentionally takes the wrong route so that the bill increases, then this feature will also be useful in terms of pocket.

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