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GoGetSSL is a professional company which has been serving SSL certificates ever since 2009. Its experience is paramount, and its user-friendly system, as well as automated servers, is pretty close to perfect in such a pricing range.

SSL authentications were only an alternative once, they’re a need in the present webosphere. There are various organizations out there offering SSL authentications certificates , GoGetSSL is one such organization.

Is GoGetSSL the best SSL cert. Organization? Or then again at least up there in the rundown? That is the thing that we’ll analyze in this GoGetSSL review.

There are may of key-features the company prides itself on. It Provides LEI Codes, is GLEIF RA accredited, and even offers animated site seal logos.

If some of the above terms didn’t make sense to you, worry not. They will once you go through this in-depth GoGetSSL Review. Note that the purpose of this review isn’t to “sell” you the certificates. Rather, to get you a transparent and honest idea of the same.

The choice to go, or not go with the company will be your personal choice and decision. But sure we can help you compare the company to the others, and that’s what we’re here for.

But first, let’s address the very basic question on this GoGetSSL Review.

Do you Really Need a SSL Certificate?

The short version? Yes, definitely. Let’s start with the fact that we make websites so visitors visit them, don’t we? They can only visit them if the sites are ranked well on the Search Engines.

Nearly 6 years ago, Google Announced that HTTPS is now a ranking metric. Does this actually work? Well, Cloud Tech saw a 40%+ increase in its “Keywords in Top 10” metric after switching to HTTPS.

metric after switching to HTTPS

(Image Credits: https://www.cloudtec.ch/)

Secondly, data travelling to or through your site will be a lot more secure. Attacks such as Man-in-the-Middle are thwarted with the presence of SSL and HTTPS. Not just that, if you own a website which handles financial data, it’s mandatory for you to have SSL as mandated by the PCI Standard Security Council.

Also I suppose you wouldn’t like if browsers show a “X” mark next to your URL, would you? It’s used to indicate the absence of a SSL certificate, and doesn’t impart the most positive first impression to be honest.

SSL certificate missing

And the one primary reason, important equally for businesses and individuals is legal security. If your website is hacked or data intercepted in any way, there may be cases of you being held liable. Having it SSL-secured will help you on legal grounds if and when such a case arises.

Switching to HTTPs won’t just make your website a lot more secure, it also increases trust and reputation. So while there are a ton of other SSL benefits, I do believe the ones listed above paint you a decent picture? Don’t they?

Let’s take a peek at what’s so special about GoGetSSL.

GoGetSSL Review: Overview

GoGetSSL isn’t a new player in the game. They’ve been here for nearly a decade now. With a customer base of 80,000+ users and a coverage of over 223+ countries, I doubt trust or security is an issue anymore.

The company offers a number of Validations and SSL certificates. Domain validation, Extended validation, Multi-Domain certificates are just some of the offered products.

There are a number of key-features that the company boasts of:

  • Lightening Fast Issuances.
  • Guaranteed Best-Prices.

Lightening fast issuance listed above means the company issues certificates within minutes. Generally in less than 5 minutes, this by far is one of the fastest issuance times I’ve ever seen so far.

You do not need to file any paperwork, get on a call, or even own a company. You own a website? That’s all the requirement. The process is completely automated and doesn’t require much involvement.

Although hey, we’re just website owners; no millionaires here, right? The company offers “Guaranteed best-prices” with its “Price-match” policy.

It’s totally possible that you found a better price with some other company, for the exact same certificate. In such a case, the company matches whatever price you found with the other company.

Hence, it’s literally impossible for any other company to offer better prices, isn’t that right?

But this surely isn’t all. Some of the other features we personally love about GoGetSSL are discussed in the next sections on this GoGetSSL Review.

GLEIF RA Accredited LEI Codes

GoGetSSL offers GLEIF RA accredited LEI codes. Some of you may not know what GLEIF RA is, or LEI Codes are. Or, why should you even care. That’s what we’ll answer in this GoGetSSL review section.

“LEI” stands for “Legal Entity Identifier”. It’s a 20-digit code assigned to entities involved in financial transactions.

 GLEIF RA accredited LEI codes

They’re identifiers for companies, although sure have a number of other usage. The codes are GDPR compliant and confirm to all the data protection laws. Transparency is exponentially increased with LEIs. Requirements to disclose/report identities such as MiFID II, MiFIR & EMIR etc. are made possible and easy.

If you already own LEIs, GoGetSSL offers 1-year free extended (or standard) SSL certificates on LEI transfers. Now for the second part, the GLIEF accreditation.

GLIEF is basically the permission, or validity granted to LEI Issuers (like GoGetSSL) which makes their codes valid. The process isn’t an easy one, nor is time-friendly. It at times requires over 6-months of time to get GLIEF accredited.

The point is to make it clear that any GLIEF accredited LEI issuer is trustworthy and desirable.

Anyway, GoGetSSL isn’t limited just to SSLs and rather offers a complete business protection suite with its LEI codes.

Animated Site-Seals

Let’s start with the fact that, animations grab a lot more attention. I wouldn’t insult your intelligence by embedding charts and data here. Anything which “moves” demands more attention than something which is static, wouldn’t you agree?

GoGetSSL offers animated SSL badges which can be embedded simply by copy-pasting the HTML codes. While this isn’t groundbreaking tech or method, I’d say it’s newbie-friendly.

So if you’ve absolutely 0 SSL experience, it wouldn’t be too hard copying a bunch of HTML code and pasting it onto your website. They’ve also announced plans to create dynamic animated logos with complete verifications in the near future!

Multi-year SSL

If you’re an established businesses, website owner or are sure of your project’s longevity this is a boon. Most other similar companies offer SSL certificates with 1 or 2 year of subscription.

Once the subscription expires, you’d need to renew your license and get the cert. re-issued. Even though renewal is no rocket-science, the multi-year SSL plans offered by GoGetSSL are even easier.

They partnered up with Sectigo and are capable of offering SSL certificates with validity up to 4 years.

GoGetSSL Review

Note that it’s not a straight 4-year contract. As a security precaution, the certificates are only offered for 2 years initially. But then before these expire, we’re contacted regarding the renewal. The process is almost automated and only requires the changing of the CSR.

Compare before Ordering

This is one of my personal “proud moments” on this GoGetSSL review. It’s just fulfilling to review a company which by itself is transparent, honest and forthcoming about its potential.

GoGetSSL has an in-built “compare” feature. You can go to the top-bar > SSL certificates > SSL Comparison and compare GoGetSSL to other companies. And it’s not just for the sake of it, there’s detailed comparison on multiple fronts.

For e.g. you can choose to compare the features, primary/ secondary properties, technical aspects and pricing.

GoGETSSL SSL certificates pricing

Infact, even I wasn’t aware of some of the features the company offers. It sure is 256-bit encrypted, but availability of ECC and RSA was news to me.

ECC stands for (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) and RSA for (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman). Not sure if you need these? Well note that ECC certificates have a comparatively smaller key-size. Why would that matter? Because then less data needs to be transmitted from the server to the clients.

This also reduces the amount of CPU and memory usage. These in turn make your websites perform much better especially if they’re sites experiencing high amounts of traffic.

In other words, ECC keys are much smaller yet equally strong as RSA keys.

 So why do you need RSA then? Well ECC has its flaws. It also isn’t as easily or widely supported on devices as RSA. ECC’s support for mobile devices too isn’t impressive.

RSA on the other hand even though has longer keys, is more easily supported on devices. The number of “Pros” are comparatively lower than the number of Cons over “ECC”.  Either way, the company offers you both the algorithms and that’s what counts.

99.6% Browser Support

There’s no point in having a SSL certificate which isn’t supported by common browsers, is there? Fortunately, GoGetSSL is supported on 99.6% of browsers.

This includes all the commons including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Explorer, Safari etc.

Reseller Program with over 7,000 Resellers

A major factor which supports any major company’s creditability is the number of people vouching for it. GoGetSSL claims to have as many as 7,000 resellers. It clearly means the SSLs are of quality, hence are sold, and are re-sold by these resellers.

Resellers do not need to make any mandatory deposit or commitment! You find a client, and pay on the go. No prior payments required. They also offer White-labelled reseller programs. So you can literally build your own website/project selling SSL certs, without having to share anything about GoGetSSL at all!

Even though I’ve never resold SSL certs, I’ve got a colleague who has. And he tells me there’s no company offering a line of credits upto USD $150,000! GoGetSSL does. You don’t need to pay for each certificate, rather you can work on credit and pay each month just once.

Because of their reputation and success, GoGetSSL is able to offer heavily discounted prices on their certificates. As a reseller, users benefit by being able to offer lower prices to their own customers. Or, you could just raise your profit margins, your call.

In a nutshell, GoGetSSL isn’t just for website owners but also for Entrepreneurs and business-owners. You can even turn it into a full-fledged businesses if things go your way!

Products and Pricing

One of the final sections on this GoGetSSL review is its pricing, isn’t it? Note that as mentioned earlier, these prices can be altered if you find a cheaper solution elsewhere.

Anyway, Domain Validation which is issued instantly starts at just USD $3.88. Buisiness Validation requires about 2-4 days, and costs USD $24.38 for starters.

Extended Validation, my personal favourite (because of the Green Seal) but also the most expensive cert costs USD $75.13. Finally Wildcard SSLs and Multi-domain certificates cost USD $44.63 and USD $15.83 respectively.

LEI Codes have 3 pricing plans. The basic plan costs USD $69.00/year, the Pro plan is priced at USD $145.00 and the Enterprise at USD $190.00/year.

Other products such as “Code Signing Certificate” (for signing and authenticating Software) and E-mail signing are available as well. Code Guard and Hacker Guardian are some other security boosters you can purchase as well.

Comparatively, GoGetSSL is without doubt one of the cheapest SSL providers in the market.

Payment Methods

The company has made sure everyone can pay them without hassle.  Currently they accept:

  • Credit Cards (via PayPal)
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • And Wire Transfers.

Just in case you can’t pay using any of the above methods, the company is open to other methods as well. Contacting support manually will open other doors for you!  

30-day Moneyback Guarantee and Unlimited Free-Trial

It’s best to wrap this GoGetSSL Review up on a good note, isn’t it?  The SSL certificates seem secure and trustworthy. Yet, you can’t ever be too sure, can you? And I totally agree. I had my share of doubts before finalizing the company as well.

Fortunately, GoGetSSL offers a Free-trial to begin with. You can install the certificates without making any payment whatsoever for 90 days. Even this comes with a USD $10,000 warranty, static seal, free re-issues and support for WWW/non-WWW sites.

The headline above said “unlimited”, but we just mentioned “90 days”, well it wasn’t a typo. The SSL indeed is free, for unlimited time, you simply need to renew it every 90-days!

To top it up, there also is a 30-day moneyback guarantee! What we loved is, the company doesn’t care why you need your money back. If you’re within the refund period, you get a refund, period (pun intended).

Pros and Cons

Let’s sum this entire GoGetSSL Review up for you then?


  • Fast Delivery (<5 minutes)
  • Secure.
  • Cheap.
  • Variety of options.


  • Some payment methods may have temporary issues at times.

Final Verdict- GoGetSSL Review

For my final verdict on this GoGetSSL Review, I honestly can’t come up with “Cons” per-se for the company. I mean it’s secure, literally guarantees best prices, and delivers within minutes!

Even their support staff can be reached over E-mail, Call, Phone, Fax and also live-chat! So for me personally, there aren’t many red flags. I’d say if you’re in need of a SSL certificate, they’re totally worth a try. And with their free trial coupled with 30-day moneyback guarantee, what’ve you got to lose?

But hey, you may not completely agree with this GoGetSSL review. If that’s the case, we’d love to know more what didn’t impress you with the company, or just leave your two cents maybe?

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