Group planning exercise in SSB tricks and solutions

Dear aspirants, this test is basically designed to check our decision making capabilities within quick timing and effective method of planning exercise .We are given a set of problems, all of the problems need to be solved in different time constraints. This test involves a few steps and according to my experience, I would like to tell you what to be done in which step. First i want to explain you About OLQs check in group planning and how it will check.

Officer Like Qualities (OLQs)

Factor – I (Planning and Organising)
(a) Effective Intelligence –  EI
(b) Reasoning Ability       – RA
(c) Organising Ability    – OA
(d) Power of Expression  – POE
Factor – II (Social Adjustment)
(e) Social Adaptability  – SA
(f) Co-operation  – C
(g) Sense of Responsibility –  SOR
Factor – III (Social Effectiveness)
(h) Initiative      –  I
(i) Self Confidence –  SI
(j) Speed of Decision – SOR
(k) Ability to Influence the Group – I
(l) Liveliness             –  L
Factor – IV (Dynamic)
(m) Determination     – D
(n) Courage             – C
(o) Stamina   –  S


Main things are to show all these qualities in all task.If we are talking about GPE. following OLQ are come out.

EMERGING OLQs in Group planning exercise ( GPE )

Entry                                               I, SC, EI, RA
Participation                                 SA, COOP,
Organising Capability                 OA
Resourcefulness                         OA, RA, EI
Prioritisation                                RA
Attitude towards others             SA, COOP
Awareness                                   EI, RA
Inquisitiveness                            RA
Group cohesiveness                  COOP, SA
Self Assurance                           SC
Reaction when opposed           SA
Time Planning                            RA
Ability to influence                     AIG

Imagination                                EI, RA
Expression                                 POE, SC
Manner                                       SA, AIG, EI
Contribution to group solution COOP, SOR
Planning                                      EI, RA,
Boldness                                      C
Tenacity                                     D, S
Cheerfulness                             L

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If you are able to show all these qualities, no one will stop you in selection.

priority on solving the problems. Remember the following points :

  1. Save others life first.
  2. If there is a situation like a bomb is planted in a train and bomb in planted in a village, the first priority should be to save people in the train as they cannot go anywhere whereas villagers can run and save themselves. ( give reasons during your discussion)
  3. Have a look on time for instance if the police station is 10 km, don’t run, look for other alternatives ( they are mostly hidden)
  4. Assume certain things for instance if mobile network is not working then coast guard etc have the necessary communication tools which can help you in an emergency situation.

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So simply write practical solutions possible in the most simple manner and then just move on to the initial task.


1- Count the no of problems.

2- Divide yourself in teams.

2- Surely life saving task will be solved first. Remember you are solving all the problems at once. All the teams are moving for the task at once.

3-Solve them by using most sensible resources ,again do not be ROBIN HOOD. Take help of villagers ,police etc. and solve collectively.

4- Time limit has to be kept in mind.

5- All of you meet to some common point and move to your destination.



1- Do not put too many ideas it simply shows you are confused. The more Logical idea the better .

2- Jumbling tasks without sense of priority. Although all the teams will be solving the problems at once but write life saving once at first.

3- Writing too long .

4- Not dividing teams clearly

Coming to the discussion part

1- Do not shout

2- Do not interfere

3-Do not speak simply to show yourself as a part of discussion. If you are not getting a chance to speak then ask for one loudly and put forth your idea humbly.

4- Again put logical ideas

5-Listen to the group and try framing the best possible solution.

Now coming to the best part.


1- It does not matter.

2- If you think you can then ask the group.

3-If you think you cannot and the group assigns you then humbly request someone whom you think can.

And never oppose!


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