What is a hair transplant? Expense, profit, loss, how is it done?

Hair is a very important part of anyone’s life. They play the most important role in one’s personality. If someone has thick, wavy hair on his head, then his confidence increases manifold compared to a person who has less hair on his head or is a victim of baldness.

This problem occurs in people due to many reasons. Sometimes due to lack of good food and sometimes due to tension. Or sometimes the reason for this is something else. But it is certain that once a person’s hair starts falling, he starts feeling more stressed in himself.

If such a person is young and he is not married yet, then there is no limit to his stress after seeing the falling hair. He is very worried about his marriage. He feels that no girl will like him. Because why would girls like a man with short hair or go bald. How serious is the problem, it has been raised prominently in recent films as well. If you are fond of films, then you must have seen that Ayushmann Khurrana’s ‘Bala’ and ‘Ujda Chaman’ movies came earlier.

If someone around you is also struggling with this problem, then we will tell you what is hair transplant? What is its technology? How can do it? How much does this cost? What are its advantages and disadvantages? We will give you information on all these points through this post. All you have to do is to read this post carefully –

What is hair transplant? 

First of all know what is Hair Transplant. Actually, hair transplant is a surgical technique, through which hair from the head itself or a part of the body is transplanted on the hairless part of the head. Generally, a surgeon takes hair from the back of the head and applies them to the bald area in the front or center of the head.

What is the technique of hair transplant?

Friends, now we will give you information about the technique of hair transplant. One of these techniques is FUT and one technique is FUE. There is some difference between both the techniques. Let us know what are these techniques.

What is FUT technology?

What is FUT technology?

This technique of Hair Transplant is the full form of FUT – follicular unit transplant. Under this technique, stitches are applied at that place by taking a skin strip from the hairy part of the head. And this strip is planted in a place without hair. Friends, the hair that is applied with FUT does not require any change. In this technique a scar is left on the head forever. However, that place is covered with hair and it is not visible.

What is FUE technology?

What is FUE technology?

let us tell you that under FUE i.e. follicular unit extraction, each hair follicle is removed separately by motorized punch technique. And then they are planted on the head without hair. Which technique should you use FUT or FUE or which technique will suit you, only a specialist doctor can give you this advice.

What is the process of hair transplant?

To do a hair transplant, first of all the skin of the head ie the skin is cleaned thoroughly. After this, that part of the head is numbed by giving local anesthesia so that pain is not felt. Now in both FUT or FUE, a part is removed from the hairy area through one technique and stitches are placed there.

After this, the surgeon separates the removed part with the help of a magnifying glass and makes small parts with a surgical knife. When the implant is complete, these sections give the new hair a natural look.

How much does Hair Transplant cost?

Now let’s talk about the cost of hair transplant. 30 thousand to one lakh rupees can be spent on this work. But this cost depends on many things. For example, in FUT, it costs around Rs 20 to 40 per graft. At the same time, the cost of FUE technology is slightly higher. It can cost from 35 to 70 rupees per graft.

Which of these techniques will be right for you, as we have told you above, it is decided by the surgeon specialist.

The higher the number of grafts in the head, the higher the cost. How much part of the head has to be transplanted, this money will also cost more according to that or if hair transplant is to be done on the chest other than the head, then it will cost more. The amount of density you want in the hair will also add to the price.

If you are paying the fee according to every session, then the more sessions you take, the higher the fee will be, if you need service apart from the things involved in the treatment, then it may cost more. Although some clinics give one or two free sessions even after treatment.

What are the types of Hair Transplant?

There are two types of hair transplant. One of these is the slit graft. There are 4 to 10 hairs per graft. One is micrograft . There is only one or two hairs in each graft. Now the question must be arising in your mind that what is a graft? Friends, grafts are the living tissue of the hair root. They are transplanted so that hair can grow even in the bald part of the head.

Which of these transplant methods will be tried will depend on the need of your hair. For example, how thick hair do you want?

Is there any painless technique of Hair Transplant?

Yes, the answer to this question is yes. DHI is the most advanced technology. In this micro surgical tools are used. Its biggest advantage is that there is no pain in this surgery. But the draw back is that this technology is expensive. The cost of getting treatment with this technique comes to about two to three lakh rupees. If a transplant is needed in a large part of the head, then its cost comes even more.

What is the effect of hair transplant?

The effect of hair transplant is visible after two weeks, when small hair starts coming. It can take anywhere from seven to 10 months for the big hair to come in. Thousands of hairs can be transplanted in one treatment session. You may need three sessions for the entire hair. There is a difference of few months in every session.

What are the benefits of hair transplant?

There are many benefits of Hair Transplant. For example, hair comes natural. They can be given any color of their choice. Can be cut in favorite style. Their growth is also like natural hair. And the biggest and most obvious thing is that his confidence increases. He does not need to find the cap all the time.

Is Hair Transplant Safe? What are the disadvantages of hair transplant?

While hair transplant has advantages, it also has some disadvantages, which cannot be ignored. These disadvantages are –

  • Bleeding may occur during the transplant
  • Infection may occur [infection may occur]
  • Swelling of scalp may occur
  • Darkness may occur around the eyes
  • A crust may form on the part of the head from which the hair has been removed.]
  • [The scalp, the part of the skin that has been treated, may become numb.]
  • itchy [may be itchy]
  • Inflammation of hair follicles can occur
  • Follicles can become infected
  • Shock loss may occur ie hair may fall temporarily.
  • strange tufts of hair

Who is suitable for hair transplant? Who can get it done?

Now we will tell you who can get hair transplant? Who is suitable for this? Who needs it the most? First of all, if a man has a problem of baldness in his head or a woman has a problem of hair loss, then he can get a transplant done. Or if someone’s hair is burnt or there is no hair due to head injury, then transplant can be done.

But transfer should not be done to people who do not have enough hair to be transplanted or people who have scars on their heads or people who have lost hair due to chemotherapy.

Apart from this, the reason for hair loss as we have told you above is that in most cases it is genetic. That is, it passes from one generation to another. Apart from this, it also depends on what kind of food you eat. Or even if you are under more stress, your hair may fall. Or it can happen due to some disease or due to side effect of any medicines, your hair may also fall.

What is the process of hair transplant?

Hair transplant has a prescribed procedure. As we have told you that under the process of hair transplant, hair is taken from the back of the head and applied to the hairless part of the head. If needed, side hair, beard hair or chest hair are also used for this. Treatment of eyelashes, eyebrows etc. is also possible.

What to do, what not to do

Friends, of course hair transplant cost is an important issue, even then do not make the mistake of looking for cheaper ones. Because he might harm you. Get your treatment done under the supervision of a good plastic surgeon. He should be a surgeon who has experience of three years of surgery and three years of plastic surgery.

Secondly, the center where the treatment is to be taken should have OT ie operation theater setup, because during this you need anaesthesia.

Waiting for hair transplant in government hospitals too

Let us tell you that there is a lot of treatment facility for hair transplant not only privately, hair transplant facility is also being provided in many government hospitals. But due to the presence of this facility for one or two days in a week, the waiting list is also long. Friends, let us also tell you that there is a large number of women who want to do hair transplant among them.

What are hair transplants?

Hair transplant is a surgical method in which hair is taken from part of the body or from the head and applied on the bald part of the head.

How much does hair transplant cost?

Hair transplant is mainly done in two ways FUT and FUE, in which hair transplant in FUT technology costs about 20 to 40 thousand rupees and FUE 35 to 70 thousand rupees.

Can I get hair transplant?

Yes, if the hair on your head has fallen, and you have become bald, then you can get a hair transplant done with the help of a surgeon.

How long does it take for hair to grow after a hair transplant?

Hair starts to grow around 15 to 20 days after having hair transplant surgery, and this hair comes out completely after 7 to 10 months.

So, friends, this is the granular information related to a hair transplant. Hopefully, this post based on the problem of people suffering from the problem of hair fall, hair fall or baldness will be beneficial for everyone. And you would have liked it. If any question is coming in your mind after reading this post, then you can ask here by commenting in the comment box.

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