How to Download Oreo TV for PC or Laptop

Month rentals of digital TV or satellite TV associations have expanded immensely in recent months. Most of the users have started shifting to online streaming services for streaming on-demand content such as Movies, TV shows as well as live streaming of TV channels all over the world. However, most of them aren’t reliable or costly to afford for a lot of users out there. So, if you have cut the cord in your house and still want to continue watching TV channels, then you’ve come to the right place. In this way, on the off chance that you have cut the rope in your home and still need to keep sitting in front of the TV channels, at that point you’ve gone to the correct spot.

Today, in this article, we’re going to showcase a brand new streaming app called Oreo TV where you can watch all your favorite TV Channels Live without having to worry about charges. It’s a free streaming application that can be installed on any smartphone or PC for streaming Live TV channels from anywhere in the world and at any time. Make sure to stick with the article until the end to know everything about Oreo TV and how you can install it on your devices without any hassle. So, let’s not waste any further time and jump straight into the topic.

What Is Oreo TV?

Oreo TV is comparatively a new streaming app in the market which enables the users to watch their desired TV channels and stream on-demand content over the internet for free of cost. The app comes with quite a lot of features to enhance your streaming and viewing experience regardless of what device or platform you’re using. Oreo TV is completely free for everyone, there are absolutely no charges involved anywhere in the app.

The process of streaming your desired Live TV channels with Oreo tv is pretty simple and straightforward compared to other similar apps that are available on the internet. Furthermore, you don’t even need to create an account in the app or go through any login process to start streaming your favorite Live TV channels on your device. The streaming quality and user interface of the app is excellent and looks very appealing to the eyes.

It features a vast array of live TV channels from all around the world, the library of TV channels in the app is quite large. To say the least, you will find tons of channels in pretty much every category or genre in the Oreo TV App. In addition to this, regularly new TV channels from various countries are being added to the app by the team. In fact, you could also request for your favorite TV channels to be added from the app itself.  Go ahead and check out the following section to know all the features of the Oreo TV App.

Oreo TV Information

App NameOreo TV App
DeveloperAnalog – Soft&Design
Content RatingRated for 13+
App UpdatedJanuary 9, 2020
APK Version1.6.0

Oreo TV App Highlight Features

Well, we don’t want to exaggerate the app or claim it to be something revolutionary. Of course, there are and have been a lot of other apps on the Internet with similar functionalities or features. However, when it comes to user experience, it’s safe to say that Oreo TV is superior in every aspect compared to its competitors. Here is a list of features that shows why Oreo TV is better than the other free streaming apps that are available in the market.

  • Wide Range Of TV Channels:- Oreo TV probably has one of the largest, if not the largest, the library of TV channels to choose from. The app features channels from different countries from all around the world such as India, United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.
  • Easy and Simple Navigation:- The user interface in the latest version of Oreo TV is smooth and easy to use, you will be able to browse through its library of TV channels in the app without any issues. The user navigation and experience are the same on almost all the devices and platforms.
  • No Interruptive Ads:- Free Streaming apps are usually known for having loads of advertisements that show up when you’re watching something. But, that’s not the case with Oreo TV, in fact, the adverts in the app are very minimal and do not disturb the user when they’re watching something.
  • High-Quality Streaming:- Oreo TV lets you stream almost any TV channel in full HD format on any device. Moreover, you don’t have to go through lengthy buffering or loading times when steaming in full HD quality. Of course, you will have the option to change the quality according to your internet connectivity.
  • On-demand Content:- Oreo TV isn’t limited to TV channels, it also provides tons of on-demand content such as Movies and TV shows to its users. There are separate sections available in the app where you can watch your favorite Movies and TV show episodes for free of cost.
  • Download Option:- You can also download your favorite Movies and TV shows and save it anywhere on your local drive to view them later without internet connectivity. Now you don’t need to have internet connectivity all the time to watch movies and TV shows on your device.
  • Lightweight and Small:- Oreo TV isn’t too big in terms of size nor does it consume a huge amount of resources of your device to function. It’s a lightweight app and works flawlessly on almost any Android device that is running on Android version 4.4 or higher.
  • No Sign up Required:- The app doesn’t require any kind of registration or subscription in order to start streaming the Live TV channels or Movies or TV shows on your device. Also, it doesn’t ask the user to complete surveys or watch adverts to get started in the app.
  • Absolutely Free To Use:- Oreo TV is available for free to download and use. You don’t have to provide your card details or pay anything in order to watch the contents of the app on your device. The app is completely free from in-app purchases or payments.

Well, there were the highlight features of the Oreo TV app. The features mentioned in the above list may seem simple, however, most of them aren’t available in the other apps which ruin the user experience for the most part. So, hopefully, the above list should have given you plenty of reasons to try out the Oreo TV App on your device.

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Download and Install Oreo TV Apk For PC | Windows | Mac

How To Download Oreo TV App On PC

As you may already know, Oreo TV isn’t available in the Google Play Store or any official App Store since the nature of the app doesn’t let it be listed in the App Stores officially.  In addition to this, Oreo TV was specifically designed and developed for Android devices only. So as of now, there is no official Oreo TV App for PC users, the developers haven’t released any information regarding the launch of the PC version.

Well, you don’t have to dishearten yourself with the fact that Oreo TV isn’t available for PC. Fortunately, there is a workaround that lets you install the Oreo TV App on any PC without any issues. However, in order to install Oreo TV on PC, you will have to download a third-party Android Emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox Player on your PC. With the help of Android Emulators, you will be able to install Oreo TV App on your PC within a few minutes.

You may go ahead and follow the below-mentioned instructions in order to oreo download and install Android Emulator on your PC. Once the emulator is installed, you will be able to install Oreo TV app on your PC and start watching your favorite Movies or TV show or Live TV channels free of cost.

How To Install Oreo TV On PC

As mentioned in the earlier section of the article, we will be taking help of a third-party application called Bluestacks in order to install Oreo TV App on PC. In case, if you don’t know about Bluestacks, it’s a lightweight and reliable Android Emulator which lets you install any Android app or game for free of cost. As for this task, you may use any Android Emulator as per your preference, however, we recommend our users to rely on Bluestacks or Nox Player as both of them are well suited and reliable for such apps .

So, we’ve decided to divide the installation process of Oreo TV on PC into two parts. The first part will help you with the installation process of the Android Emulator on your PC, while the second part will guide you through the installation process of the Oreo Tv App. Let’s go ahead and dive into the guide straight away for oreo tv apk download.

Oreo TV for PC System Requirements

Windows OS7/8/8.1/10/XP
Android EmulatorsBluestacks & Nox App Player
Hard disk4GB
Internet ConnectionRequired

Download And Install Bluestacks On Your PC

Go ahead and follow these instructions properly in order to download and install Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC. Make sure to download the latest version of the Emulator to avoid any performance-related issues.

oreo tv apk download
  1. Visit the official website of Bluestacks and download the installation file of the Emulator on your PC.
  2. Go to your Downloads folder and run the installation file as Administrator or Admin to proceed.
  3. Now grant permission as Admin to begin the installation process of Bluestacks Emulator on your PC.
  4. Select the destination where you would like to install the Emulator and follow the on-screen steps.
  5. Make sure to agree to Terms and Conditions in order to begin the installation process of the Emulator.

It may take a few minutes for the Emulator to finish installing on your PC depending on your specifications. Once the installation is complete, you may go ahead and follow the rest of the steps mentioned below.

Download And Install Oreo TV App On PC

The steps to install oreo tv for windows through Bluestacks Emulator are as follows:-

oreo tv
  1. Launch the Bluestacks Emulator and sign in with your Google account if prompted.
  2. Now download the oreo tv apk file of Oreo TV App on your PC by clicking on the download link here.
  3. Select the Apk file of Oreo TV, drag and drop it in the Emulator window to begin the installation.
  4. Emulator will automatically detect the Apk and will carry out the installation process of Oreo TV.
  5. Within a few minutes, the app would be installed successfully on your Emulator. That’s all!

Once the installation of Oreo TV Apk is complete, you will find the App icon on the home screen of the Emulator. Simply click on the App icon to open the app and start streaming your favorite TV shows and Movies for free.

Note:- The process of installing Oreo TV App on other Android Emulators such as Nox Player, GenyMotion is the same as the above-mentioned method. You’re free to use the Android Emulator of your choice to install Oreo TV App on your PC.

Oreo TV APK 1.8.1 Download for Android Latest Version

Download now

Frequently Asked Questions

The following list of questions would help in clearing any basic doubts or queries that you may have regarding the app and its usage on your device. In case, if your query or question isn’t mentioned in the below list, then make sure to drop it in the comment section.

How to Stream Movies and Live TV channels in full HD 1080p quality in the App?

The app will automatically select the quality of the stream based on your Internet connectivity. If you want to change the resolution, simply click on the options icon on your screen and select the quality.

My favorite TV channels aren’t available or listed in the Oreo TV App, What Do I Do?

Unfortunately, not all TV channels are present in the Oreo TV App at the moment. However, you have the option to request for your preferred TV channel to be added to the app.

Are there any hidden charges or fees for streaming the content of Oreo TV?

No, there are absolutely no charges nor do you require any kind of subscription or membership to streaming live TV channels or Movies in the Oreo Tv App.

How To Update Oreo TV App on PC?

You will be notified through an in-app notification if there is an update available. Simply click on the notification and the latest version of Oreo TV will begin to download on your PC.

Final Words

At this point, it’s safe to say that Oreo TV is probably the best streaming app available on the INternet that doesn’t charge any money from the user for streaming content. So, if you’re looking for a free streaming option, then there’s no better option than Oreo TV. Go ahead and install the app on your device by following the above-mentioned instructions.

Make sure to let us know your experience with Oreo TV App in the comment section. In case if you have any doubts or queries to ask, then feel free to drop in the comments below.

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