How to open a Post Office Savings Bank account online in India?

Do you want to Open a Post office Saving account Online? Follow the instructions given below you will get it within 10 days.

Everyone have atleast one account in the post office. Initially, the post office does not have an ATM or Online facility in India. But now it has both the ATM and Online facility for customers.

You need to know how to get this facility.

Register for internet banking at the post office:

Basically, you have to register in the post office to get Internet banking where you have an account. Usually, the Internet banking is activated within 10 days. You will receive login details via post instead you can get them individually from the particular post office.

This Registration can be done in the below link.

Registration For internet banking

Online Post Office Account:

By getting this login detail you can log in to the IndiaPost Account. The following link can help you to redirect Indiapost login page

Login Internet Banking India Post

You can change the password of your own. It also provides a forget password link, User Activation, Download forms. The online Post Office account allows you to access.

  • A/c summary
  • savings account details
  • RD A/c detail
  • PPF A/c detail
  • Term Deposits A/c detail
  • NSC A/c detail
  • Loan on RD/PPF and TDS detail.

The main purpose of the Online Service is the transaction of the fund. You can achieve that also via this Internet banking.

  • Transfer funds
  • Withdraw your PPF
  • Manage Payee/Billers
  • Service request

Note: A Post Office Savings Account is free at any post office with At least Rs. 20. Single account holders will build up to a peak of Rs 1 lakh, Joint account owners can pay a peak of 2 lakh rupees.

Eligibility to open post office savings account:

2For children younger than ten years old
3A Guardian on a small behalf
4Two or three adults can open a joint account

Interest Rates:

Post office savings account interest rate will be chosen by the Central Government that vary from time to time.

Deposit DetailsAmount
Initial depositRs.20 (Minimum)
Balance for the account without cheque bookRs.50(Minimum)
Balance for the account with checkbookRs.500(Minimum)
Tax Free InterestRs.10,000 p.a.(Max)

Final Words:

You can go to a post office and complete the registration process with Clark, you can immediately open an account because opening such accounts is not a hassle. It will reduce our burden of going to the post office every time.

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