How to open one whatsapp account in two smart phones

WhatsApp uses more than 200 million users in India. The importance of WhatsApp can be understood in such a way that it is being used not only for personal but for official purposes. Today we are going to tell you how you can play the same WhatsApp account in two separate smartphones at one time. Now , i will tell you How to open one whatsapp account in two smart phones :


Actually we know that as on a smartphone we log in to account on our WhatsApp, our WhatsApp running in another device automatically closes. Although you can see its old data in that smartphone, but if you run this WhatsApp in a laptop or PC via , then the WhatsApp account running in your phone is running. This means that your WhatsApp account is also active in PCs and in the smartphone too, but the question here is whether the same WhatsApp account will run on two separate smartphones. So you have to follow these steps for open one whatsapp account in two smart phones.

Steps Follow:

1: Open Chrome, Mozilla or any other browser of your smartphone.

2: Type here and then enter it.

3: You will see a QR code, now open WhatsApp on your smartphone.

4: On WhatsApp Home page you will see three dots in the top right, tap on it.

5: Here the third option will appear on the WhatsApp Web, tap on it.

6: Scan from the app’s scanner to the other smartphone’s browser

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Now you can run one whatsapp account in two smart phones at a time.

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