India vs Pakistan : Who has the stronger Military [Compare 2022]

India vs Pakistan : Who has the stronger Military [Compare 2019]

This is how our military strength compares with Pakistan. well, there is no competition between India and Pakistan as India is far ahead of Pakistan. Although India has strong relations with the U.S.Pakistan has nearly three times more attack helicopters than India, at 52 versus 19. India also has a significant shortage of self-propelled artillery. Even without military assistance from China, Pakistan dominates India in the number of self-propelled guns.When it comes to nuclear strength, Pakistan has a slight advantage, boasting between 100 and 130 warheads against India’s 90 to 110 nukes.

Over All military strength Ranking in world

India: #4  , Pakistan: #17

Active Personnel in India vs Pakistan

India: 1,362,502 , Pakistan: 637,000


Army Strength in India vs Pakistan

Total Aircraft strength:

India: 2,185  Pak: 1,281

Fighter Planes

India: 590 , Pak: 320

Attack aircrafts

India: 804 , pak: 41

Attack Helicopter

India: 15 , pak: 49


Land Strength in India vs Pak

Combat tanks

India: 4426 Pak: 2182

Armoured Fighting vehicles

India: 3147 Pak: 2604

Self-propelled Artillery

India: 190 Pak: 307

Rockets Projectors

India: 266 Pak: 144

Naval Strength in India vs Pak

Total naval assets

India: 295 Pak: 197

Aircraft carriers

India: 1 Pak: 0


India: 16 Pak: 5

Patrol vessels

India: 139 Pak: 11


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