Local Language apps are gaining popularity in India

Today more and more mobile applications are recognizing the importance of regional languages as 75 percent of the digitally engaged audience prefers to communicate
in their native languages. Languages are creating their own space in the digital world. Below mentioned are some apps available in regional languages, which makes sure people can share content in their regional languages without running the risk of their message being lost in translation. Local Language apps are realy helpful for all travellers.

Local Language apps are gaining popularity in India 

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DocsApp – Local Language apps 

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Introduced with a brand new feature, the app enables users to engage in all consultations and communication to conveyed in Hindi. The whole user experience will be in Hindi, as Hindi is widely spoken in the country and a majority of DocsApp’s user base prefer Hindi. In tier III and areas below, it there is a dire need of Hindi as an option, where even the script needs to be in Hindi as they don’t read or write in English. English is not spoken as much as in the urban parts of the country, and we’ve started with the Hindi app as the volume users is high. DocsApp witnesses a 60:40 split between urban and rural users. 40 percent of the total users reside in areas within tier II and III cities. Local Language apps as DocsApp


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India’s no.1 medical assistance company altering the healthcare delivery space. With a panel of over 30,000 specialist doctors, Credihealth has successfully served over 1,80,000 patients across 10 cities in India. Its partnered with 630+ hospitals including Fortis, Medanta, Columbia Asia, BLK, Paras, Artemis, etc. and 30,000+ specialist doctors. It is helping rural people narrow down their medical requirements and reach out to the best medical practitioner. They are providing end-to-end solution catering
to all the customers including rural India by providing them with information on their website in regional languages. Local Language apps as Credihealth.


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The TV is a unique platform where people express visually with homemade videos and photos. The app offers a seamless browsing experience with user generated channels. Apart from already being available in English, it will now be adding Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Currently, the languages are available to all Raposo’s Android users and the feature will be available to iOS users soon. With this move, Roposo hopes to connect itself to even more users across the country, especially focusing on Tier II and Tier III cities. Local Language apps as roposo.


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Social network platform that wants to make it easier for people to communicate with a global audience even if you don’t speak a language other than your own. Once you publish your post, Facebook will show it to people in their preferred languages. People use Facebook to share information and ideas in many different languages. Local Language apps as Facebook.


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India’s largest social discovery platform for cooking and hosts nearly 50,000 recipes to allow everyone to enjoy the incredible variety and flavour in Indian Ghar ka khana. The community-driven platform allows users to discover new recipes and share their own culinary masterpieces with the world, with a view to keeping families at home and around the dining table. The platform carries the best and most popular recipes, stretching from regional specialities of India to global cuisine from 16 different countries. With recipes in English, Hindi, and Tamil and plans to expand to Marathi very soon, the platform is fast establishing itself as a storehouse of cooking knowledge for people from across the length and breadth of India. Local Language apps for food making.


50 Languages

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This app is available in over 40 languages with 1600 languages combinations. The app includes over 100 lessons to learn different languages with audio and text support to enhance your learning experience.Local Language apps for foreigners.

You can also download the audio from 50 languages. come and listen offline anywhere.



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The app allows you to learn 13 languages with the variety of courses offered within the app. The app supports listening, writing and speaking exercises and vocabulary builder to build your command over the language. The app also has grammar exercises, pronunciation trainer, review manager to review your progress, synchronization and paid monthly and yearly subscription. Local Language apps for new travellers.



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This app allows you to study different language lessons in offline mode. The app comes integrated with reader that can read lessons for you. You can highlight terms and phrases in your lesson. The app is linked with the iLingQ account and synchronizes any offline activity. its one of most popular Local Language apps.


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This app can teach you 5 different languages: German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. The app includes films, photo lessons, flash cards, dialogues, vocabulary and quizzes that can help you learn effectively with ease.

Tourist Language Learn And Speak


This app is useful to translate phrases or sentences from one language to another. There are plenty of translation and needs the eSpeak engine or Pico TTS engine installed for the
app to work. The app includes translation in native language and accent for travel and transportation, food, emergency situations,spoken interactions and basics small talks.

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