Mahima Chaudhary created a stir in Bollywood by saying this

Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhary has recently given an interview. In that interview, he has said such a thing which does not surprise us but definitely tells us such a truth which probably compels us to think.

Mahima Chaudhary says that in her time, when she used to work as a heroine, about 20 years ago, it was a time when a Bollywood actress was dating someone, her market value would drop. People didn’t want to sign him. Because the film producers, actors and even to some extent the audience wanted to see or show such an actress, who is single in real life as well, that is, in a way they have said that who is a virgin, who has never kissed anyone. Have not done

Whenever something like this came to know about an actress, she used to stop or reduce getting work. This is the reason that affairs were hidden in those days. Many live-in relationships were hidden. Marriages were hidden for many years.
Mahima Chaudhary says on the change that has come now that these changes are very different. I see that even after getting married, even after having children, actresses are working in films. As a romantic lead, she also romances someone, right when she is someone’s wife or mother in real life.

So this is a different kind of change. But this thing also tells our hypocracy that what we want to see, what we want to show, what false pretense we want to live in, in which show we want to live. These are all those things which reveal many truths not only of the film industry but also of our society. Is it considered an affair only when an affair comes in the news? If there is no news then there is no affair. That is, what is seen is just the reality. What was not printed, what was not shown, what was not told is not the reality. So this is an important question.

It is definitely talking about Bollywood or film industry here, but it becomes necessary to think and see one thing that how much is the trend of showing off what is being shown in the society in which we live, it becomes more important, this thing Other than what the reality is. Tell me what you think about this. I will wait to read the comments.

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