My ticket is RAC will it be confirmed?

Can RAC ticket get confirmed? this is one of the common question asked by any Train passenger while booking ticket. First of all, I will give you the basic overview of RAC status.

What is RAC?

RAC is Reservation against Cancellation, It is a kind of reservation status in which you have to share a single seat with two passengers. Majorly, Side lower seat is provided to two passenger to sit and travel.

RAC Full Form: Reservation Against Cancellation

You can board with RAC Reservation status ticket without any fear, but need to share the single seat. RAC status have maximum chance to get cleared and get confirmed seat. Some time after departure of train, TTE will give you a confirm seat if any seat remain empty.

RAC represents Reservation against Cancellation.

If you take a reserved ticket in Indian Railways, you can basically get 3 types of reservation ticket status-

  • Confirm Ticket
  • RAC ticket
  • Waiting List Ticket

Basically side lower seat is made for RAC.

Generally each express trains have 12 coaches. In each coach, there are 6 side lower seats are available for RAC status. So, total RAC seats are 72(12*6=72). it means 72 seats are available on which 144 rac passenger can sit during travel.

It may varies according to number of coaches in the trains.

Basic question relates to RAC Status:

Which one is better, RAC or WL?

RAC is much better than WL because you will get a seat in train in sharing with one more person. You dont have any kind of reserved seat if you are in waiting. RAC will confirmed first before waiting list.

What is RAC reservation status?

RAC is Reservation against Cancellation in which you will get a seat to sit and travel your journey in sharing with one another passenger.

Can a RAC ticket move to Waitlist?

yes, but in rare cases. but 98% chance that you get a berth to sit.

Is there any quota in RAC tickets?

Yes, there is emergancy quota(EQ) for RAC tickets. These are only provided to celebrity, VIP or railway staff and medical case issues only.

Do Confirmation of RAC tickets always follow the serial numbers?

It work in a serial number if your seat get confirm before chart ready and after departure, you need to consult with the TTE for get confirmation of any empty seat available. In this case, its totally depend on TTE like first come and first serve.

Why do tickets show two RAC nos. e.g: RAC 10/RAC 6?

Two RAC nos means that first(RAC 10) was the reservation status at the time of Booking and second one gives the current status of your reservation after some other passanger cancelled their tickets

Is there any chance to get a RAC passenger get full seat?

Yes, If your second RAC passanger is not baording the train.

Will RAC 16 get confirmed?

Chance of confirm is around 45% to get a confirmed reservation seat.

How many RAC are there in sleeper class?

Around 142 seats are there for RAC in Sleeper class.

Will RAC 90 get confirmed?

Chance of confirm for RAC 90 is around 30%.

Can RAC 5 be confirmed?

95% chance to get confirmed seat.

Can RAC 10 be confirmed?

92% chance to get confirmed seat.

Will RAC 75 get confirmed?

Around 45% chance to get a confirmed seat

Can I travel on RAC ticket?

Yes, you can travel with RAC ticket in which you will get a sharing seat in train and may be get confirmed seat by consult with TTE if any empty seat available.

How are RAC seats allotted?

RAC seats are available around 144 in a express train. these are reserved seats for RAC. It will give to all passengers when all non RAC seats are filled. RAC ticket have more chance of getting confirm seat than waiting list.

Will RAC get Cancelled?

it may cancelled if some coaches are cancelled during departure.

Will RAC 6 get confirmed in 2AC?

95% chance of confirm

Is RAC valid in 2nd AC?

yes, RAC is valid in 2nd AC.

Will RAC 5 get confirmed in 2AC?

yes , 85% chance of confirmed

How many RAC tickets get confirmed?

85% RAC having chance of confirmed.

Well you can get the confirm prediction of PNR status here either its in waitinglist or RAC. Just comment below you pnr and your queries relates to reservation in comments. Hope you get all the answers relates to RAC, but if something remains or having any question then feel free to write down comment for quick responses.

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