Search a Song Name Without Lyrics online

May time you listen some songs tone or lyrics but you wants to download the songs without knowing lyrics. You didn’t get the lyrics so how do you find out the name of that song. It’s easier to Search a Song Name by given methods below.

“What’s the name of that song ? I don’t remember the lyrics”  

this questions comes to your mind and you just want to save a copy of that song.

Search engines like Google or Bing won’t be of much help unless you know a couple of words from the song lyrics or have some clue about the name of the artist or the band. How do you then identify the name of that lovely song?

here are some services that help you in recognising songs without having to know the lyrics. You may use them to identify music playing from the radio, TV, Internet or that CD playing in the bar or restaurants.

1. Search Music with your Mobile Phone

1. Shazam – Shazam is a mobile application that you may use to find song names from your iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android or your Nokia S60 phone. Search for Shazam in the app store and download it to your phone. Once it’s downloaded, hold your phone up to the speaker playing the song that you want to identify. Hit the Shazam button and wait a few seconds for the app to identify the song You may also use Shazam on an iPod Touch provided you have an external microphone.

2. MusicID – MusicID is a mobile application that you may use to find song names from your iPhoneHold your iPhone up to some music and MusicID will tell you what song is playing. It’s a $3 iPhone App available worldwide but if you are on AT&T, you may also use your Blackberry, Windows Mobile or any Java phone to identify music with MusicID.

3.SoundhoundUse Soundhound to identify a song by playing it or humming the melody. You can then hit the Soundhound icon or ask by saying “What song is playing?” Then, you can either play a recording of the song or sing it to the best of your ability.

4. Audiotag  — you can Record a short clip to identify the music on your phone or any recording device. After recording, you can upload on this site where short clip audio is compared and search over Internet and you can get your required song name.It’s easier to Search a Song Name by record short clip.

5.watzatsong – It’s a social site where you can upload a short MP3 audio recording of the song (or record yourself by humming) and other members of the site can then help you guess the exact song name. so you can say it by  Identify Music with help of humans. It’s easier to Search a Song Name by asking people online.

6.  Musipedia –by whistling it to the computer using any microphone to identify song online.

7.  MelodyCatcher –  same as Musipedia can help you find the name of the song tune you’re looking for.

8. Google assistant – you can initiate Google Assistant by saying “Okay Google” or by hitting the Google App icon on your phone. Once the Google App pops up, say “What song is this?” and hold your phone up to the song that’s playing. It will identify the song. It’s easier to Search a Song Name.

9. ask Siri in iPhone – Say “Hey Siri” to activate Siri on your iPhone or press and hold the home button on your phone. Then say, “What song is this?” while holding the phone up to your speakers. It’s easier to Search a Song Name by siri.

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