Small Wonder Tv Serial Cast, Story, and full episodes

Small wonder TV serial: Small wonder TV serial was a very good show in the middle of the nineties in the United States of America, due to the success of the new experiment in this serial. It was a ‘scientific fiction sitcom’ show. Sitcom is actually a form of comedy where the audience laughs at the arrangement and disorder of the characters. The first episode of this serial aired on a US channel ‘First Run Syndication’ on 7 September 1985. The show is about the family of a robotics engineer who secretly builds a robot that looks like a little girl. Over time, this family starts keeping him like an adopted child.

Small wonder tv serial story

The story of this serial revolves around VICI (Voice Input Child Identifier), abbreviated as Vicky. This is a robot that looks completely dead as a ten-year-old girl. It is made by Ted Lawson, a character of the serial, to serve the handicapped children, but a yantra is a yantra after all. He can’t understand feelings. So Lawson brings this self-made robot to his house. They believe that by living in a human family, this robot will understand the values ​​of human life. Made with VICI technology, this robot has the power of even a superhuman, with the help of which this robot can run at a very high speed. This robot has the all-important programming button at the back. This family of robotics adopts it legally like an orphan girl.

Although this family considers this robot like their child, but it is still a device. The entire family of Lawson tries their best to keep the truth of this child’s robot as hidden, but a brash neighbor of this family, Brainless, refuses to believe that this is an ordinary child. And tries to test every occasion where Vicky does something unique. Along with this, another neighbor who was an ally of Ted’s father, they also keep looking for these opportunities. As the serial progresses, Vicky Ko Ted tries to learn human civilization, during which there are many satirical moments that are capable of entertaining people. Even after many attempts, the manner of speaking of this robot repeatedly spoils all their hard work.

Small wonder tv series cast

Due to this being a unique kind of serial, many very good actors were cast in it. Below are the names of some of the main characters and actors/actresses.

character namesactor name
Ted Lawsondick christy
Joan Lawsonmarla pennington
Jamie Lawsonjerry suprian
Harriet BrindleEmily Skullman
victoria wikiTiffany Brissette

Special in small wonder serial (Small wonder tv series)

The thinking behind this serial was the most special thing about this serial. The imagination of such a character, which is a yantra, but keeping her under a family and raising her like an adopted daughter, was wonderful in itself. There was no separate effort for comedy in this serial. Due to this robot, the uproar in this family was too much to make people laugh. Even the challenge of keeping this truth hidden from our neighbors was successful in laughing and laughing. The truth of this robotic character ‘Vicky’ was limited only to his family and people of certain identities. Vicky was also sent to school so that he could absorb it by watching the activities of other children. But the device does not have the ability to think, so such situations used to be created in the school too, that the audience used to laugh themselves.

Vicky also had some abilities that took people by surprise and the Lawson family was in trouble to hide the truth. Vicky used to stretch her neck from any room to reach the ‘peep hole’ of the door. Vicky could have reduced her size to a dollop or increased her height to ten feet. The Lawson family tried their best to hide all these qualities of Vicky so that outsiders would not get to know about his truth.

Small wonder tv series international

This serial got a lot of fame due to its uniqueness. Seeing its popularity even after the season ended, it was re-telecast on several syndication stations. After this, it was not played on any channel in America. After a long time, on 10 January 2015, it started broadcasting again on Antenna TV.

In the United Kingdom, it was broadcast regionally on the ITV network in several places from January 1986 to the end of 1988. During this, only the first two seasons were broadcast on it. After this, a Norwegian TV channel Sky One also broadcast it between 1988 and 1990. It was broadcast in Italy in the mid-1980s on a channel called Italia 1, which came to be known as ‘Super Vicky’. It was broadcast on Canal Plus in France under the name ‘Petite Merveille’. During this, in December 1985, it was broadcast on a channel named Antena 3 Television in Spain under the name ‘Un Robot en Caja’. Apart from this, many countries of Asia like India, Pakistan, China, etc. kept broadcasting it in their own way in the nineties. 

In India, this TV series aired in the name of ‘Karisma Ka Karishma’.

Small wonder tv series awards

Emily Schulman, who appeared in the role of Harriet Briddle in this serial, was awarded the ‘Young Artist Award’ in 1986 and 1987.

Some important things related to the small wonder serial (Small wonder tv series)

serial namesmall wonder
zenerComedy Scientific Fiction (sitcom)
the directorPeter Baldwin, John Bowb, Bob Claver, Dick Christie, Linda Day, Selig Frank, Leslie H. Martinson  
theme music composerRode Alexander, Howard Leeds, Diane Leslie
opening theme‘She is a small wonder’
number of episodes96
episode time22 minutes
BannerSmall Wonder Venture, Metromedia Video Production, 20th Century Fox Television 
Main networkSyndication
Year7 September 1985 to 20 May 1989

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