Tip and trick to Book slot for Covid Vaccination

No matter where you are in any state of India or who you are, there is always a jostling for space. Add to that the new race for vaccination slots!

There is no benefit of using SMS alert or email alert service for slot booking in Vaccination center like labnol covid tracker bookslot.in or other sites where you have to enter your personal details, So, Please avoid these sites. Each center is filled within 10 seconds after slot opening. So, How you can book any slot because you have to log in using OTP first, then type either Pincode or state and district. Entering district and state for search also takes time around 10 to 15 seconds. Every center has a limited number of vaccines depend on the center. Some Centers have a total of 200-300 vaccines which are in the main city and 30-100 vaccines for rural PHC centers.

The government opened up the vaccination registration for the 18-44 age group on April 28, 2021. Since then it’s been the luck of the draw as far as getting a slot is concerned in this age category. And there isn’t any hack or magic trick to ace the game. So if someone tells you that there is a shortcut, just cut them off and don’t fall for their theory. It has been a matter of pure chance, and fastest finger first! Sit tight, watch the time of the slots, and be quick to enter your details. And, keep trying.

Simple Trick to Learn for Booking Slot for Covid Vaccination

First Login to Cowin Website using OTP. After login, Add all the members of your family and friend(A maximum of 4 members can add to one account).

If you family have more than 4 members for vaccination, then create another account using other phone number.

Trick 1: try to add all members of the 18-44 age group in one Id, So that all members get slots in one-time booking else you will get an error message for wrong center selection.

Trick 2: Get rough idea for timings for slot opening from those who already booked before you. Most of the time, all slots open on same time on daily basis for next day booking.

Trick 3: Create multiple accounts using different phone numbers, Add all members to each account. Be ready for slot opening and try to book from all accounts, Get more chances to get slots. Creating multiple accounts will not create any issue here

Trick 4: After Selecting State and District, Continuously click on the search button every 5 seconds. No need to refresh your page for the latest Slot data. The latest Slot data will come with every click on the search button.

Trick 5:When you are trying to book a slot for a long time, Your account will be log out after 4-5 minutes, So, better If you have multiple Cowin account using multiple phone numbers, If any number will log out, then you can book a slot using another account.
Trick 6: One your browser and log in with all accounts in different tabs. if one account will not work then you can switch to another tab.

All these tricks are working, I am saying this just because my whole family is vaccinated within 3 days.

Timing for Slot Openning for Vaccination

Timing for Slot Opening for Vaccination in Gurgaon

  • UPHC NAHARPUR ROOPA (Naharpur Roopa, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122001) 1:30PM
  • BHANGROLA PHC 1(Royal Public Sr. Sec. School Wazirpur Sector 95A Gurugram Haryana 122505, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122505) 9:15PM
  • BHONDSI PHC(Senior Secondary School Bhondsi, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122102) 8:50PM
  • CHAUMA UPHC 1 9:00PM
  • COMMUNITY CENTRE 23 A(Sector 23 A, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122022) 9:20PM

Thanks, guys, I hope you understand the fastest way to get a slot in vaccination, I know these tricks are not any hack, but very small tricks that help you in the booking. Speed is the main hack of getting a slot. Please let me know if have any doubt or any query regarding this. Comment below those who get success in this task or if have any good ideas or trick.

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