Top 5 Best WordPress SEO plugin

Top 5 Best WordPress SEO plugins

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Our website. so friends today i will show Top 5 Best WordPress SEO
plugin. There were several frameworks already created for the website but when the wordpress release
was released on May 27, 2003, there was a new revolution in website development. With the help of
WordPress today, very little is spent and the website becomes in a very short time. Over time blogging
emerged as a new business. Now it is very difficult to say that blogging has become the reason for
blogging due to the name of WordPress or WordPress due to blogging. Bloggers need maximum traffic
and blogs should be used for traffic. There are some WordPress SEO Plugins for WordPress blog SEO
that can get great traffic on the blog. In today’s post we will talk about Top 5 Best SEO Plugin.
Top 5 Best SEO Plugins
SEO is very important for traffic on a website built on a WordPress blog or any other framework. With the
help of this plugin, SEO can be easily done. Some plugins are also installed when installing WordPress.
The option of inserting a title, description, and keyword in the plugin remains available. With this, Search
Engine easily finds Keyword.

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1 All In SEO Plugin

All In One SEO Plugin had the option of inserting Title, Description and Keyword as well as Social Media
also had the option to upload Title, Description and Image. But updates a few days ago and now have
the option of inserting titles and descriptions just for the website.

2 Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin is also very good and best WordPress SEO Plugin. Some bloggers all in One SEO
then speak to use some Yoast SEO Plugin for there website and blogs. If seen, both good plugins are
good. Use both of those which seem right. This plugin has a number of customization options.

3 Rich Snippet WordPress Plugin

The use of the Rich Snippet WordPress Plugin looks a lot less. Have you ever made a search result with
star (*) Ranking in Google Search? You can see the screen shortcode below. Star ranking provides
tremendous improvement in traffic. Below is a list of some Rich Snippet WP Plugin which can be used.

4 Image Compression Plugin

The page size for WordPress SEO should be very low. Soon that the page loads. Many times this
happens when any image is made with Photoshop or Paint, its size is very large. But the size of the
image should be small while uploading. There are many WordPress Plugins for this, but the load time of
the website increases with the use of more plugins. This work can also be done without uploading the
plugin. Well, some of the names of the plugins are given below but can also compress the image size
without using it.

As mentioned earlier, there must be at least Plugin on WordPress. The less plugins the website has, the
faster and faster the load. Now learn how to compress the image without the plugin. When uploading the
image to any website, it should be compressed from a website. The plugin also does the same. The
plugin, which is uploaded to the image website, compresses it by compressing it. It can be done
manually too. For a few days I used the Image Compress plugin but, now I do not. Compress it before
uploading the image to the website.

5Cache Plugin

Fast loading of any website is also a good SEO signal for Website . In this case, you should create a
Fast Loading webSite as fast as possible. Use the Cache Plugin for website fast loading. Plugin in
WordPress.Org is Cache Plugin in Sectoion. But the list of some nice plugins is given below, which they
must do. Cache means installing some of the website in Temporary Data Broser. To do this, the plugin is
used and whenever the request is made on behalf of the user, the website loads quickly. Because today
the user has many websites where he can get the information. In such a situation, if the website does not
load quickly, then the user moves like any other website. This increases the bounce rate which is
Harmful for SEO.

Conclusion Best SEO Plugin
Installing the above-mentioned plugins can easily SEO of the website. Plugins mentioned above in any
WordPress website must be installed. Any other information can be asked in the comment. Use the same method as described above for Plugin for Image Optimization. That is just as good as the few who
use the plugin.
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