Two Haryana soldiers, buried in Italy’s tombs after 74 years

In the Second World War two Haryanvi Jatts of Indian Army were missing. One among them was Hari Singh Pangal, a resident of Rohtak and Paru Ram, a resident of Nagthala of Hisar. If no one was found for many days, the families of both of them believed that they were either killed or settled abroad. Information about both of them could not be obtained if the human bones were not found in Poggio Alto near Florence, Italy in 1996. Their investigation was done in 2010. DNA and anthropological tests were conducted in 2012.

According to the report, these relics were of non-European people of about 20 years of age. After this, the list of data and disappeared persons referenced from World War II grave commission related to the time and place of war was seen. Then it was found that one of the two soldiers who belonged to the remains belonged to Hari Singh of Rohtak in Haryana and the other on Hissar’s Rama.


Two Haryana soldiers, buried in Italy’s tombs after 74 years

Both were the soldiers of the Fourth Battalion of the 13th Frontier Rifles. He was fired against the German Infantry Division in the Battle of Pogoo Alto in World War II in 1944. Now after 74 years of intervals, the Indian army officers reached home and told that Harisinh and Paru Ram were fighting martyrs in Italy fighting against Germany against Allies. At the graveyard in which they were buried, the Italian government is going to hand over the soil to their families. In World War II, England was fighting against the Axis nations from the Allies. The leadership of the Axis Nations was Germany and the Allies led the United States. India was ruled by England at that time, so Indian soldiers were also part of the Allied forces.

Harisinh had met Var medal

Nungwawa village of Rohtak now comes in Jhajjar district. Ranbir Singh, son of Uday Singh who lives there, explains that his father was in the army. He had told that the younger brother Harisinh was also in the army, but after the second world war, he could not be found. Later my uncle got a Var medal, but no information was found about him. This Medal, named after Harisinh, is present in the house even today. But his uncle Harisinh disappears or becomes martyred, there is no proof of that. Ranbir Singh told that recently, on behalf of the District Soldier Welfare Board, he was informed that his uncle Harisinh had died in Italy during World War II. Later, the officers of the Civil Hospital and the District Soldier Welfare Board got information about Harisinh after reaching home.

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