Best Website Layout Examples and Ideas for Web Design in 2022

It is true what they say about having only one chance to make a good first impression. Good website designs can take one’s breath away at first sight. That’s why homepage design matters a lot for a website. And when it comes to designing websites, getting the layout perfectly is imperative. The unique website layout always impresses if it has a good UI layout.

To give you some ideas, inspiration, and help you along with your next project, the Bloginstall team has gathered the best website layout and Ideas for web design examples in 2020. You will get the most creative website layout ideas from them. So we wanted to give you some examples of websites that take a different layout design so you create pages that break the mold, without shattering user expectations.

Best and unique website layouts example and ideas in 2020

Split screen Layout

A Split Screen web Layout is perfect for a page that has two main pieces

Split Screen layouts break the oldest and most critical UI design rule of all by giving equal importance to two primary areas of a site. It’s common practice to give each element of a site a priority level in relation to the structure of the design, yet Split Screen layouts completely ignore those rules.

And strangely, it works.

With a split-screen, you can give prominence to both elements and enable the user to choose between them. You can quickly convey dual importance. For example, if you want to communicate to your visitors that your core strengths are both your digital products as well as your talented staff, you can place one on the left side, and the other on the right side.

Asymmetrical layout

Grids of cards


Featured Image

Z-shape layout

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