7.9 crores data was stolen, health insurance company fines up 117 crores

After the cyber attack in 2015, the data collected in the company was stolen
The names of the customers, the names of the bidders, the social security number etc. were reported. health insurance company fines up 117 crores

Washington. The country’s second largest health insurance company will pay a fine of 16 million dollars (117 million rupees) to the American government. The company is alleged to have stolen data of nearly 7.9 million subscribers. This data contained information related to people’s names, birthdates, social security numbers and medical IDs. The data theft in the company was revealed after a cyber attack in 2015.

American history will pay the biggest fines insurance company

According to sources, the penalty will be handed over to the Department of Health and Human Services by the company. Department director Roger Severino said that this is a matter of deceit of people’s faith.

Severino said that the amount received from Antham is three times more than the penalty imposed on the government by the government. This will send a message to the health industry that there is no need for hackers and the healthcare organization remains on their target.

The company of Indianapolis company Annotham covers more than 4 million people in New York and California. At the same time, the company made a statement on Monday that they did not know about any kind of fraud or data theft.

Company officials say that they also gave credit monitoring and identity theft insurance to all their customers to avoid any kind of problem. Anthem is serious about protecting all its customers’ information.

The company says that we are looking for solutions in this matter with the government. At the beginning of 2015, Anthony had information about data theft, but the hackers were knocking on the company’s servers for several weeks.

health insurance company fines up 117 crores

For healthcare organizations, the repercussions of a data breach are daunting. In addition to the loss of reputation and patient trust, they risk incurring huge revenue losses from expenses such as those related to the investigation, forensics and mitigation of the damage done by such a security incident, billing issues, and costs involved to provide affected patients with reparational support such as identity theft protection and credit monitoring services.

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