Lahore’s Maharaja gifted Kohinoor to Queen of England under pressure

The Indian government had said in the Supreme Court in 2016 that the Kohinoor Diamond was presented to the East India Company

In response to RTI, it was said that the British had forcibly taken away the Lahore Convention Kohinoor

The world famous Kohinoor diamond was neither given to the East India Company nor stolen. Rather, Maharaja Dalip Singh of Lahore had to surrender in front of Empress Victoria of England under the pressure of diamond. This is disclosed in response to an RTI by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Kohinoor was given under Lahore treaty

According to an English newspaper report, the ASI mentioned the Lahore Treaty for the answer. It was reported that in 1849, there was a treaty between Lord Dalhousie of East India Company and Maharaja Dalip Singh. In it, the Maharaja was asked to surrender Kohinoor.

ASI has clarified that during the treaty, Duleep Singh (who was only nine years old at that time) did not present the diamond to the Queen with his own will, but forcibly Kohinoor was forcibly taken away.

Rejecting the Government’s statement, ASI responds

In 2016, the Indian government had told the Supreme Court that the Kohinoor diamond was not forcibly taken by the British nor was it stolen. The government had said that the successor of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh of Punjab had presented the Kohinoor to the British as ‘voluntary compensation‘ in exchange for the Anglo-Sikh wartime expenditure.

PMO transferred to ASI RTI

For information , the activist Rohit Sabharwal had cast an RTI. They asked for the answer from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). RTI was asked, on which basis it was given to Britain.

The PMO sent their appeal to the Archaeological Survey of India. According to the RTI Act, a public authority can transfer RTI to another authority for information.

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