Flop Show Doordarshan TV serial, Cast, Story, and Full Episodes

Flop Show Doordarshan TV serial, Cast, Story, and Full Episodes: Flop Show Doordarshan TV serial in Hindi has passed but the memory keeps tickling somewhere. Memory becomes a memory. Sour sweet memories fly away with the fast pace of time. Jaspal Bhatti’s flop show is a bridge of sweet and sour memories that still brings a smile to our faces. This serial, which was a comedy satire on socio-economic problems through various means of acting, became very popular in the 90s. His wife Savita Bhatti was also the producer of this show. This comedy was first shown on Doordarshan in 1991. Although only 10 episodes were made, it was so well received that it was repeated several times.

Flop Show Doordarshan TV serial

The biggest feature of this show was its opening scene, in which the first one was to thank the person who was going to be satirized. The director of the flop show used to write Miss Directed for himself, as well as highlight the problems of common people by scripting the social and economic issues related to the condition of the common man. There was no hypothetical solution anywhere in his hypothesis. His wife Savita Bhatti was in the role of his wife in every episode. All the shooting of this show was done in Chandigarh itself. The actors were the same in all the episodes of this serial but their characters used to change.

Flop Show Episodes

The following list has details about total 10 episodes.

episodeTitleRole of Jaspal BhattiDescription
1chief guestchief guestHow does the chief guest come late in public programs and the people leave all the work waiting for him. There was sarcasm on this.
2.medical billpatient’s friendHow the government employee gets reimbursement i.e. reimbursement on the bill of counterfeit medicines. Jaspal Bhatti’s friend gets admitted in the hospital in the name of Jaspal and dies, people understand that Jaspal has died. It was shown.
3PropertyTenantIt depicts the hardships faced by real property owners as they face challenges and fears from contractors.
4ContractorTenantThere was a satire on how the weak houses are built by the contractors for the government employees.
5P.D.ProfessorHow a student has to bewitch a professor to do research is shown
6Meetinggovernment officerThere was a sarcastic satire on unnecessary meetings and expenses incurred by government employees.
7government officergovernment officerHow the facilities of the government are misused, this is shown in this episode. Bhatti is an officer in this and employs all the employees of the department to find his dog.
8DoctorDoctorThis serial portrays quite realistically, attacking the system of how doctors in government hospitals work in an unrelentingly insensitive manner.
9linesmantelephone subscriberCorrect illustration of the functioning of the telephone department
10tv serialthe creatorHow, after taking money from the actors, they are given work in the serial. It was a satire while attacking this system.

Flop Show Doordarshan TV serial Cast

  • Jaspal Bhatti
  • vivak herb
  • Savita Bhatti
  • Rajesh Jolly
  • B N Sharma
  • Kuldeep Sharma
  • Ravi Sharma
  • Prem Kakaria
  • Binny Grover
  • Devendra Mundepi
  • Payal Choudhary
  • Vinod Sharma
  • Rajendra
  • Brijesh Ahuja
  • Kishore Mehta
  • Shyam Juneja
  • Ramesh Chadha

Some information about Flop Show

1.serial nameflop show
4.SubjectHumor Satire
5.the directorJaspal Bhatti
6.creatorJaspal Bhatti
7.the creatorSavita Bhatti (wife of Jaspal Bhatti)
8.story writerJaspal Bhatti
9.telecastOn Doordarshan in 1991
10.telecast episode10
11.episode time25 minutes
12.telecast season1
13.editorVishnu Malhotra

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