Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Star Plus Serial Cast, Episodes

Kabhi Bahu Thi Star Plus Old Serial: Every Indian knows very well about this serial which started the mother-in-law drama on Indian television. This serial made by TV queen Ekta Kapoor is known for the highest TRP in its time, it broke all the TRP records. It was also the longest-running TV serial for many years. This daily soap, which started on TV for the first time on July 3, 2000, sat in the hearts of the audience in such a way that people used to cry, laugh, and celebrate after watching this serial. There were many characters in the serial, the story started with the relationship of mother-in-law, but in the long journey of 8 years, many types of stories and characters were added to it. In the year 2000, many channels of cable channels used to come, one of them were Star Plus. Many serials of Ekta Kapoor started on this private channel. In which because mother-in-law.., the story of the house to house,

In KSBKBT, the serial took many leaps, due to which many old faces were removed and new ones were added. Many new faces got a chance to work on TV through this serial, after which today they have become a well-known name. This serial is no less than a historical serial, which has been printed on the pages of India in such a way that no one can ever forget it. This serial itself revolutionized Indian television and then only after that the mother-in-law serial, daily soap came out. Today, those who are seeing such a changed form of TV, it started from this.

The craze of the serial can be gauged from the fact that when the scene of the death of the main character Mihir was shown in the serial, there was a demonstration against unity in many parts of India, and there was talk of bringing her back in the serial. was going Producer of the serial Ekta says that ‘After that scene was shown, people kept performing outside my house, in the office for several days. Many people used to talk to me about bringing Mihir back by writing emails, letters. Even I had received many threatening calls. Such a passion for any serial has never been seen. When it was decided to bring Mihir back in the serial, and he was brought back, at the time of telecast of that episode broke all the records of TRP on TV. A record-breaking 22.4 TRP was recorded on that day, which was the highest TRP received by any Indian TV serial. From this, the trend of being alive after death in the serial also came.

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu summary

No.introduction pointDescription
1.manufacturing companyBalaji Telefilms
2.story writerRM Joshi, Salil Sand, Anil Nagpal, Koel Choudhary, Hitesh Shah, and Swati Shah
3.the directorAshish Patil, Kaushik Ghatak, Nivedita Basu, Suraj Rao, Santosh Badal, Dharmesh Shah, Santram Verma, Deepak Chavan, Santosh Bhatt
4.the creatorEkta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
6.broadcast time3 July 2000 – 6 November 2008
7.ChannelStar Plus
8.main castSmriti Irani, Amar Upadhyay, Mandir Bedi, Apra Mehta, Ronit Roy

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Story

As the name suggests, the story of the serial revolves around the mother-in-law-bahu relationship. The serial begins with the main character Tulsi, who is the daughter of a Pandit. She falls in love with Mihir Virani, the son of a large Gujarati business family. Mihir also likes her, and both go against the family and get married. Tulsi is a simple girl, who after the marriage starts winning the hearts of her in-laws. The eldest Gobardhan is a deer in the desolation family, he has three sons. The family of these three lives together under one roof. After Tulsi’s marriage, her mother-in-law Savita Virani does not like her. Tulsi is very close to her grandmother-in-law, she is called Sab Ba. Tulsi and Mihir’s life progresses with all these ups and downs, they have 2 children Gautam and Shobha. Mihir’s younger brother Kiran and his wife do not have children. So they sometimes run away with Gautam. Along with this, 4 cousins ​​of Mihir also get married in the serial and have children. After this, a leap of 20 years comes in the serial.

After the leap, all the children grow up in the serial, and the relationship between Tulsi and her children is shown. After some time Tulsi’s children get married and Tulsi becomes mother-in-law. Many new faces are also added to the serial, and apart from Tulsi, many stories keep going on. The serial once again sees a long 20-year leap. Now Tulsi starts living in Haridwar, according to the desolation family she is dead. Tulsi adopts a girl child, whose name is Krishna Tulsi, who is all called Katie. It is just like Tulsi. Because the story of Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was no less than any Mahabharata, it has many characters like Mahabharata, as well as battles between brother and brother, have been shown in it.

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Cast and Characters 

  • Tulsi Virani – This character was played by Smriti Irani. This was the first serial of Smriti, after which her life itself changed. People liked this character of Tulsi so much that even today people call Smriti as Tulsi only. Tulsi’s character was that of a good daughter-in-law, who was endowed with all qualities. Who puts her family above anything in any matter. Tulsi’s character was about to cry, in which she was always seen crying. But in the end, she used to win everyone’s heart with goodness. Smriti Irani had turned to politics after working in the serial, now she is the Minister of Textiles in the Cabinet Ministry of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • Mihir Virani – The character of Mihir was first played by Amar Upadhyay. After this Ronit Roy and then Inder Kumar played this character. Mihir was a good sensible son and a true husband. He always used to walk in harmony between his mother and wife. After their children grew up, they also had a good relationship with their children.
  • Savita Virani – Tulsi’s mother-in-law was Apra Mehta. Who earlier did not like her daughter-in-law at all. Savita’s life was settled in her son Mihir, she loved her son very much. But Mihir’s choice is not able to adopt Tulsi by heart, she used to like Payal, a girl from a big house for Mihir. In this sour-sweet relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, love slowly blossoms. Savita also comes to know about Payal’s bad intentions. After which Savita becomes her daughter-in-law Tulsi’s friend and biggest supporter.
  • Payal – This character was played by Jaya Bhattacharya. This character of Payal was that of a villain, in which she was very much liked. For the first time in the serial, the character of the villain was liked so much instead of the villain. After this serial, Jaya was offered many villainous characters.
  • Daksha – Ketki Dave. This Tulsi’s aunt is mother-in-law. Daksha’s dialogue ara ra ra ra .. used to be very famous.
  • Chirag – was played by Hussain. He is the son of Daksha, who keeps trying to become a film star before the leap. Hussain goes against his mother and marries Prajakta. After the leap, Chirag becomes a grown man, who is so busy with work that his wife feels lonely.
  • Kiran – Jiten Lalwani. He is the younger brother of Mihir, who is married to Aarti (Rushali Arora). Both have a daughter, Karishma (Kiran Dubey).
  • Anupam Kapadia as Aman Yatan Verma. Anupam is a big business man, he meets Virani family after Mihir’s death. Anupam starts liking Tulsi, after which their marriage gets fixed. Mihir and Tulsi meet on the wedding day itself. After some time Anupam marries Tulsi’s sister Kesar.
  • Mandira – This character was first played by Mandira Bedi then by Achit Kaur. She is a doctor, who is Anupam’s sister. This is what fixes Mihir, and then falls in love with her. After meeting Mihir Tulsi, she tries hard to get Mihir back to her. She tries hard to break Tulsi and her family. Mihir and Mandira have a son, Karan, who lives with Tulsi.
  • Karan – Hiten Tejwani. Despite being Tulsi’s stepson, he remains very close to Tulsi and considers him more than his mother. Karan is married to Nandini (Gauri Tejwani), with whom he has a daughter, Bhumi (Rashmi Ghosh). Karan marries Tanya (Rakshanda Khan) while Nandini is in jail.
  • Gautam – Sumeet Sachdev. Gautam is Tulsi’s son, but Kiran takes him away. He gets spoiled due to lack of good upbringing, when he returns to the desolated family of Bharat, Tulsi corrects him. After Gautam’s divorce from Ganga, he marries Trisha (Ashlesha Sawant), who dies in an accident. After which he gets married to Damini (Reeva Babbar).
  • Ganga – Shilpa Saklani. Just like Ganga Tulsi, she belongs to a sensible, small family. Tulsi likes it for her son Gautam, but Ganga is in love with Sahil. Tulsi does not know, and she gets Ganga-Gautam married. After some time they get divorced, and then Ganga Sahil gets married.
  • Sahil – Sandeep Baswana. Sahil is the son of Hemant-Pooja. Ganga and Sahil have two sons Lakshya (Pulkit Samrat) and Nakul (Naman Shah). Sahil later marries Trupti. Nakul, Gautam and Damini have twin sons. Ganga’s dead son is born, after which Damini gives him one of her sons.
  • Amba Virani (Ba) – Sudha Shivpuri. She appeared in the serial as Ba, whose character lived for many years. Because of this people also called Baa as immortal.
  • Ansh Virani – Akashdeep Saigal. He is the real son of Mihir and Tulsi, whom Aditya Gujral picks up and takes away. Ansh is a spoiled, badass boy. He falls in love with Nandini, who coerces her. Tulsi, upset by Ansh’s increasing evil deeds, kills him.
  • Indu – Karishma Tanna. Indu is the daughter of Mihir’s cousin Sejal. Sejal separates from her husband and lives in her maternal home. Indu is a very playful character, who always makes people laugh with her frivolous talk.
  • Harsh – Mehul Kajaria. This is another son of Mihir Tulsi. He is married to Mohini (Tasneem Sheikh), from whom he has Archita’s (Gunjan Vijaya) daughter.
  • Shobha – Ritu Chaudhary. She is the beloved daughter of Mihir Tulsi.
  • Katie – Mouni Roy. Today’s serpent Mouni started her career from here. She was the adopted daughter of Tulsi, who was like her. Krishna Tulsi was in love with Ganga’s son Lakshya, but she marries Gautam’s son Eklavya, and thus Tulsi becomes her grandmother’s mother-in-law.
  • Mayank – Rahul Lohani. He is the son of Gautam Damini.
  • Meera Singhania as Shubhavi K. She is the lawyer of the Virani family. Which is also a good friend of Tulsi. Over time, she falls in love with Mihir, and wants to marry him. Her passion for Mihir grows and she starts harassing Tulsi.
  • Saffron – Narayani Shastri. She is the sister of Tulsi, who is married to Anupam Kapadia.
  • Babri – Hansika Motwani. She is the daughter of Chirag and Prajakta.
  • Gautami Kapoor – Gautami played the role of Tulsi in the serial for some time. Tulsi undergoes plastic surgery after an accident, when Gautami enters. She remained associated with the serial till the end of the serial.

An attempt has been made in the serial to tell that the mother-in-law should never forget that she was also a daughter-in-law. She too had once come to the house as a daughter-in-law, who has become a mother-in-law today. An attempt has been made to show the sour-sweet relationship of mother-in-law. Everyone saw it by connecting it with their life, due to which it became very popular.

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