How to book 12 tickets by one ID using Adhaar card

Indian Railways is working on improving its services. Railways have completely changed their website and app’s interface in the past few times. IRCTC is constantly trying to make travellers experience easy and hassle free. IRCTC has recently made several changes to the ticket booking rules. Under this, where earlier 6 tickets could be booked on one user id. At the same time, 12 tickets can now be booked on a user ID. This feature will be available to a few users.

Learn how to book 12 tickets on an ID:

All the users of the account whose support is verified will be able to book 12 tickets on an ID in a month. According to the new rules, users can book online tickets 120 days before travel. A user id can book up to two tickets in the morning from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. If the user’s account base is linked then he will be able to book 12 tickets in one month.

Learn how to link account based on:

For this, the user must login by visiting the IRCTC website. After that go to My Profile category and go to the Aadhaar KYC option.
Here you will need to update your base number. For this, your number will get an OTP. Let us know that OTP will come only on your base linked number. Enter it after the OTP arrives and enter it.
With updating your base number, you will need to update the base number of the other person (whose ticket has to be booked) with you.
After verification, you will be able to book 12 tickets on an ID.
Learn Other Rules:

From now on, users will get 25 seconds to fill passenger details. At the same time, only 5 seconds to fill Captcha will be given.
Apart from this, travel agents can do 8 am, 8:30, 10, 10:30, 11 and 11:30 in the morning. These slots agents have been given so that travelers can book tickets without any interruption.
Apart from this, according to the new rules, if users pay through Net Banking then they need to verify from OTP.

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