How to buy FASTag from Paytm, recharge with Paytm wallet

FASTags are issued by 22 certified banks through various channels such as Point-of-Sale (POS) at National Highway toll plazas and select bank branches, e-commerce platforms like Amazon and mobile wallets like Paytm.

Goverment has made FASTag necessary for all vehicles from December 1. If you do not buy Fastag within this time limit, then you will have to pay double toll fees at any toll plaza across the country.

What is Fastag?

Fastag is an electronic toll collection technique. It uses radio frequency identification (RFID). This tag is placed on the windscreen of the vehicle. As soon as your vehicle approaches the toll plaza, the sensor on the toll plaza tracks the fastag on the windscreen of your vehicle.

After this, the fee charged on that toll plaza is deducted from your FastTag account. In this way, you are able to pay the fee without stopping at the toll plaza. This tag in the vehicle will start its work as soon as your prepaid account is activated. At the same time, when the amount of your Fastag account is exhausted, you will have to recharge it again.

Where to get FASTag?

FASTag can be purchased offline through various channels such as Point of Sale (POS) through 22 authorized banks. They are being sold in toll plazas of national highway and selected bank branches. They are also available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

Here we are telling you how to buy Fastag from HDFC Bank.

How is HDFC Bank’s fastag?

HDFC Bank issues rechargeable FASTag. Through this, you can pay toll on more than 420 toll plazas on national highways across the country.

How does HDFC Fasttag work?

This radio frequency identification (RFID) tag will be placed on the windscreen of the vehicle which will be attached to the payment wallet of the bank account. With this, the car owners will not have to stop while passing through the toll plaza and the money will be automatically deducted from the account. Therefore it is important to have money in the wallet.

How to buy Fastag offline?

You have to visit the authorized agent sales office or point of sales (POS) location of HDFC Bank to create your FAStag account. Take a copy of your KYC document with the original documents.

You will need these documents for Fastag

Your car’s registration certificate, address proof, driving license, PAN card, Aadhaar card, passport-size photo. Apart from these, you have to submit the FASTag application form duly filled and signed. After giving all the details, the bank will provide the fastag which you will need to put on the windscreen of your vehicle.

How to buy HDFC Bank Fastag online?

HDFC Bank’s FASTag costs Rs 400. Here we are telling how you can buy it online through the bank’s website.

Step 1: Go to HDFC Bank website Scroll down and click on ‘Apply Now’ available on the homepage.

Step 2: Under ‘Enter details’, if you have a savings account of HDFC Bank, select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If you select ‘Yes’, then you will have to enter your ‘Customer ID’ (username). After this you have to click on ‘Send Verification Code’.


Step 3: A verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number. However, according to the bank’s website, the online service is not available from 8 am to 8 pm.

Master (1)

Step 4: Select the type of vehicle (commercial car or private car), verify the details and click on Next.

Master (2)

Step 5: Enter your vehicle number and select ‘Vehicle Type’.

Master (3)

Step 6: Upload all the required documents, upload the amount you need in the prepaid wallet.

Master (4)

Step 7: When all the steps are completed, review your application and click on submit.

Fees for purchasing FASTag from HDFC Bank

You can buy HDFC FASTag for Rs 400. This amount includes:
FASTag issuance fees Rs 100 (including all applicable taxes)
Refundable Security Deposit Rs 200
First recharge amount 100 rupees while creating wallet

How to buy Fastag from e-commerce website

You can also buy activated HDFC Bank FASTag from e-commerce websites like Amazon. They provide you an online activation link. After clicking on the link, you need to provide KYC and vehicle details. Once you get the FASTag, you have to stick it on the windscreen of your vehicle. Now you can buy FASTag from Amazon for Rs 599.

How to recharge your HDFC FASTag?

You can recharge your FASTag account by paying via credit card / debit card / NEFT / RTGS or net-banking or by check or online. KYC-compliant customers can recharge FASTag account up to Rs 1 lakh.

According to the bank website of HDFC, if you recharge your FASTag online, then convenience fee will also be applicable on the transaction processing value. Facility charges will be levied in the following manner.

Credit Card: 1.10% of transaction value
Debit Card: 1% of transaction value
Net-banking: Rs 8

To recharge your FASTag through HDFC Bank’s FASTag portal, these steps have to be taken:

Step 1: Login to Net Banking Portal using your username and password
Step 2: Go to ‘Road User Center’, click on ‘Payment and Top Up’ and then select ‘Recharge’ tab.
Step 3: Select the wallet ID of the wallet to be recharged. Enter the amount to upload
Step 4: Select ‘Pay by online’ as payment mode, click on ‘Continue’ and proceed
Step 5: A new window will open for choosing the bank
Step 6: Select your bank from the list and click on ‘Continue’
Step 7: You will be asked for the login details of the bank account. and

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