Tattapani Shimla – the hot water spring on river Sutlej

By the month of August, the monsoon has soaked almost the whole country. For months, the heat is also shaded with the grace of the clouds. In such a situation, the mountains are also free from the burden of tourists who come on summer holidays.

 In such a situation, why not go to some place where there is just greenery everywhere, be relaxed. Himachal hills are also in full swing during the rainy season. After a month of the rainy season, everyone fills up with greenery. The speckles of clouds in the mountains are worth seeing. Let us celebrate Barkha in these rains. Be a little wet

Today I take you to a few selected litigants, which are just a short distance from Shimla, but completely untouched by the Shimla crowd. If you want to have a rhythm with nature, then this view is made for you.

This place is located just 54 km from Shimla. This Himachal village, situated on the banks of Sutlej river, has become famous due to the hot water stream flowing here. It is said that when the sand of the river is dug a little, the source of hot water mixed with sulfur comes out very easily. In Ayurveda, it is described as a great medicine mixed with sulfur and other salts that are best for skin disease.

History of Tattapani

Himachal is not called Dev Bhoomi, This place has actually been the place of gods. Pandavas (Wikipedia ) resided here, sages meditated here, for this reason, miracles are seen at every step. The locals of Tattapani consider this place to be the taphobhoomi of Maharishi Jamadagni. Maharishi used to live here around Tattapani with his wife Renuka and son Parashurama. At that time, Saratrabahu named king ruled this place near Tattapani. Maharishi Jamadagni and Sahastrabahu’s wife were real sisters. Sahrtrabahu was an arrogant ruler. He did not hesitate to persecute even the sages. One day he invited Maharishi Jamadagni’s wife Renuka to the banquet to impress his grandeur and in return, Renuka was also invited to host the banquet. Renuka felt this thing in her mind. How will the wife of a sage be able to give a big meal to a king like Sahastrabahu. Renuka narrated the whole thing to Maharishi Jamadagni. Maharishi asked Renuka to organize the banquet and took all the responsibility of the arrangement in his hands. He worshiped Indra Dev(God of Rain) and got Kamdhenu cow. When the arrogant Sahastrabahu came, he was stunned by the huge event happening in Tattapani. How was such a big banquet organized in the house of an ordinary sage. When Sahastrabahu found out his secret, he came to know about Kamdhenu cow fulfilling all the desires behind this huge event. So Sahastrabahu tried to achieve Kamadhenu with deceit but the sage refused. Sahastrabahu attacked the sage and became a huge feast war. In the meantime Kamadhenu cow returned back to Indra to heaven. Renuka then remembered his son Parashurama and he left his journey to the Himalayas in the middle and came back and killed Sahastrabahu with his ax. It is said that wherever the blood of Sahastrabahu splattered, there were hot water splits. Since then, this place has great importance for religious rituals. Magh Mela( Maagha is a month of the Hindu calendar. In India’s national civil calendar, it’s the eleventh month of the year, it corresponds with January/February in the Gregorian calendar. Wikipedia ) is organized here every year.

Shimla to Tattapani’s Adventure Drive
The distance from Shimla to Tattapani is completed in about two hours. But the fun of the drive on these roads does not let the feeling of distance. There are so many pleasant sights along the way that you do not feel the distance. This entire route from Shimla is towards the landing. So the view of the mountains is very attractive. There are many philosophical sites in these paths, which are a pleasure to move forward. Many biker groups from across the country and the world come to drive to this ghat. The people visiting Kinnaur and Kaza also like this route.

Young biker Nikhil Agnihotri, who is the leader of the core BK group, says – coming here on weekends from Delhi fills with energy. The drive over the mountains amidst the drizzling of rain makes life a pleasant one. And reaching Tattapani, all of us bikers dive into a pool of hot water and then get refreshed to drive. Chasing the clouds during the monsoon we go to the Karsong Valley in which Tattapani is an important stop.

Hot water spring

In many places across the country, we get to see nature or this charisma. Where 70 degree Celsius hot water is continuously flowing between the mountains or between the cold stream of the river. Such unique water springs contain many medicinal benefits. In the world of Ayurveda, it has been called the boon of nature. People come from far and wide to get healthy benefits from these hot water sources. Tattapani is also one such place, which twenty years ago, nobody but the local people knew. In such a situation, Mr. Prem Kumar Raina, whose house was near the river, identified this precious heritage one day. Once on the fence in the river, Prem Kumar Raina’s entire house was submerged in water. He was trying to save his belongings while floating in the water, when he saw his eyes on a stream rising ten feet above the surface of the water. Going near it was a stream of hot water. At the same time, Prem Raina thought of saving this hot stream and he decided to protect it. Today Prem Kumar Raina runs a Naturopathy Wellness Center called Hot Water Spring where people from far flung places come to enjoy healthy benefits. People get relief from many diseases through Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Residents of the upper regions of the Himalayas come here every year to get relief from joint pain.

Tattapani and Naturopathy

Dr. Yuvraj Kumar Tyagi, Senior Ayurveda Physician at Sandhya Hot Spring Health Center in Tattapani, explains that the diseases coming to the youth in today’s time are related to lifestyle disorder. Working on the computer for a long time, stress, and pure eating treat these diseases. But today’s youth are becoming aware and they are returning to wellness more than treatment. In such a situation, wellness tourism is increasing in the country. People come to Tattapani to get Panchakarma, Shirodhara etc. done on the holiday. Rejuvenate after bathing in hot springs and return to running life

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