Nothing better than Bhutan for the first foreign trip!

As November has started and the weather has become pleasant. These are the months that are best for traveling abroad.

“Which foreign trip? I have never traveled abroad.”

If you have the same question, then I have brought such information for you that you will be able to read. If you are planning to travel abroad for the first time, Bhutan is the best place for you. Bhutan, a clean country surrounded by snowy mountains, where the beauty of nature is different.

A country that is still so far from destruction in the name of modernity, that electricity is also made here with solar energy. The country where so many secrets are buried, that even today it is called the country of the dragon.

Beautiful forts built on the mountains covered with forests, colorful houses made of wood, and Bhutanese people living in them stand ready to welcome you with arms outstretched.

Apart from these, there are 8 main reasons why you will fall in love with Bhutan:

Apart from these, there are 8 main reasons why you will fall in love with Bhutan:
  1. It is very easy for you to go here
    For Indians, going to Bhutan is the same as going to another state in India. This is because Indians do not have to take a visa to travel in this country. Just as you stop paying toll tax on the way from one state of India to another, you have to stay in Bhutan for the same time and stop at the immigration office of Paro or Fuentholing. You will get a Bhutan permit from the office. Then you can easily get Indian rupees replaced by Bhutanese nongtrum by wandering in marginal markets. Shoppers here will take Indian rupees for small purchases. Just get your travel insurance done so that you can move around healthily.
  1. Very few things need to be taken together
    Bhutan is very cold in the months of October to December, so it is good if you pack lots of hot clothes while packing. Pack two to three layers of hot thermal, woolen nudes, running shoes and other wear items. In the first aid kit, keep the medicine named DMox, which gives a lot of work when you are on the mountain. If you keep the passport valid for at least six months, and the voter ID card in the documents, then you get the travel permit in a pinch. Overseas medical insurance is also very useful in the event of a flight cancellation or a medical emergency.
  2. Landing in Paro is just the beginning of adventure
    Flying a plane in Bhutan is not an easy task. When the plane turns through deep valleys, the nearby mountains look so close from the window, that just raise your hand and touch it. In such a situation, it is as if the wings of the plane had just got off the mountain. Heartache comes in the mouth. Perhaps that’s why only eight pilots of the world are allowed to fly airplanes here.

Best place in the world to stay for solo Travellers

bhutan airport
  1. You can roam alone in Bhutan very comfortably
    If you want to move your vehicle to Bhutan on your own terms, then you get a permit with great ease. If the car is your own, then the original documents and your driving license are required. Otherwise, you get a permit with the Immigration Office in Fuentholing. When you get information about the hotels coming between the road, then it becomes easy to walk while resting.
  2. Going from India to Bhutan on a bike is even more exciting
    You will find many travel companies that offer the opportunity to roam on bikes from India to Bhutan. They start the journey from Siliguri. If you want to travel to Bhutan on a two-wheeler, then some more permits will have to be obtained from Thimphu. For your convenience, check out these essential itineraries.

Tattapani Shimla – the hot water spring on river Sutlej

bhutan check point  immigration check post

Best place in the world to sow those wild oats

  1. Bhutanese people spread their arms and wait for you
    One reason for visiting Bhutan is that people here welcome you with great warmth and love. People here take care of your every need, whether you are staying in a big hotel in Paro or in a village house in a rural area like Banthang.
  2. You will have a lot of fun by knowing small things here.
    Bhutan is a country where the progress of the country is not measured by gross domestic product but by the scale of gross national happiness. Yes, it is true. Television came here only ten years ago. Every citizen in Bhutan considers New Year’s Day as his birthday. Therefore, everyone celebrates the new year with great pomp here.
  3. Would like to settle here in the infinite peace here
    Traffic in Thimphu, one of the two capitals of Asia, remains under discipline without a traffic light. Traffic policemen wearing white gloves are deployed every morning to maintain discipline. Here people are punished for driving at high speed or playing the horn. The forests are spread over 60 percent of this country and there are many high peaks, which are not tampered with in order to keep them naturally. If you like to spend a few days holiday in peace, then Bhutan is the right place.

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