Power BI Parameters, Templates & Row-Level Security

 Customize and personalize your reporting to suit your audience.

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Power BI Parameters, Templates & Row-Level Security by G Com Solutions is a short course designed for users who are already familiar with Power BI and are looking to extend their knowledge.
The course focuses on two features that allow Power BI report-creators to design solutions that enable them to quickly generate reports based on the same data model but tailored to one specific audience.
We begin by discussing the use of query parameters and templates to add power and flexibility to your report creation. You will learn how to use query parameters to control data sources and to filter data as it’s loaded into the data model.
The course then shows you how to set up and implement row-level security (RLS). You will learn how to create and test user roles in Power BI desktop and assign security groups to these roles in the Power BI service.
And we’ll also see how to leverage the DAX USERNAME function to create roles which are based on the user’s login.
The course uses the example sharing a single sales summary dashboard with a sales force and leveraging user-based row-level security to ensure that sales managers can only see data relating to their team while sales reps can only see their own figures.
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