Will the next Google Home have a screen?

Images apparently showing a new Google Home device with a screen have leaked online ahead of the company’s product-launch event on 9 October. Dubbed the Google Home Hub, the device appears to be taking on the Amazon Echo Show by combining Google Assistant features with a touchscreen interface. We’ve known for a while that Google

whats new in this device

Assistant is capable of working on displays,but only third-party manufacturers have actually started to develop such systems.Now, according to the leak,it seems Google has created its own model. The leaked images of the Google Home Hub show a device that looks like a melding of a Nexus 10 tablet and a Google Home speaker. The tablet-like screen section appears to be resting on the speaker base, which makes it look more like a tablet on a stand than a single entertainment unit. My Smart Price,which leaked the
product and has watermarked the images,claims that the Google Home Hub has a 7 in LCD screen rising up from a fabric-wrapped speaker stand.The device reportedly weighs 480 g–only a little more than the standard Google Home device.

New for Google home now..

Google’s own Home Hub works a little differently compared to the rest though. It has a feature called Home View, which you activate by swiping down from the top of its display. You’ll get a top-down look at all your smart home devices, and you’ll be able to quickly tap to control all of them. You can still use Google Assistant and voice commands if you like, but this is an added control method.

Smart Displays will also let you make video calls with Google Duo. Well, if they have a video camera. Most of them do, but Google has opted not to put a camera on the Home Hub in an effort to make people more comfortable with the device. You can also make audio calls with Google Duo if video isn’t your thing. We hope to see the Google Home voice calling feature work on these visual speakers one day – we see no reason why it shouldn’t.

With an easily glance able screen of the time, date, reminders and calendars, Smart Displays start to look like a real home hub. You can of course treat it like a screen-less Assistant speaker, and in many cases you’ll have the option to respond to it with either voice or a touch on the screen, depending on how developers build for it. For example, asking Assistant for cinema showtimes might prompt it to ask for a specific theater location, which you can either tap on the screen or tell it with your voice.

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No pricehas been stated,but

Price of Google home with screen

rumours suggest it will cost $149 (£113),making it around the same price as an Echo Show..


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